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There are a few basic questions you have to ask someone when you start dating them. 

Questions like, How old are they? What do they do for work? etc., used to be the norm. But recently, zodiac signs have also become a deal. It turns out astrology does help with figuring out compatibility between a potential couple. 

So you ask him, and his answer is “Virgo,” meaning that he was born between August 23 and September 22, and you’re freaking out because you don’t know enough about Virgo men. Well, I am here to help.

Virgos are one of the few signs that are difficult to get along with. A Virgo man is very hardworking, intelligent, and adventurous. They have strong intuitive skills and can thus find deceitful people easily. 

They don’t let a lot of people into their lives, but when they do, they keep them close. 

A Virgo man can be the most intense and loyal lover and often makes the ideal life partner. For them, love is not a temporary thing; they are in it for the long haul. 

However, it is not easy to start a relationship with them because they tend to have unrealistic expectations of their partner. If you’re looking to start something with a Virgo man, you are going to have to be patient. They need a patient partner who can get into their hearts bit by bit. 

Now, because they have built a wall around themselves, they are going to want to test any potential lover to see if they are worthy of being let in. 

These tests may come up while dating or when the relationship is about to go to the next level. Don’t worry, I am here to clue you in on some of them. Here are 10 ways a Virgo man will test you.

1. Your worth ethic

Virgo manages the 6th house in astrology, and the 6th house is all about service and health. As the perfectionist that he is, a Virgo man will test you by your work ethic. He will want a partner that is organized and values cleanliness. 

Although Virgo men may seem to work slowly because of their cautious and methodical nature, their minds work fast and you can trust them to work on their own because of their strong sense of responsibility. 

They also have a knack for paying attention to the smallest of details and will notice things about you without you knowing. Virgo men are reliable and respectable and will want to see those qualities in you as well.

2. Communication

The Virgo man is a ‘listener’. They are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, after all. 

He isn’t the most verbose person but prefers to listen to his partner instead. Listening will help him get a better understanding of how you think and who you are as a person. This may play out as him asking you a lot of questions. 

If you have just met a Virgo man, the key to speaking with him is to avoid getting too quickly into emotional topics. 

He has built a wall around himself and bringing up something too deep too soon might push him away. 

Instead, discuss lighter topics at the beginning. Feel free to talk about yourself and things you find interesting, but don’t be afraid to go deeper when the time is right.

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3. Consistency

When you are in a new relationship, you only show the best side of yourself. Virgo men love consistency. And as a result, they find it difficult to maintain a relationship with someone who has sudden mood swings. 

Since they are often very loyal to their partners, they need to know that you will be the same way. 

Consistency is important, not just for Virgo men, but for men generally. Cynthia Catchings, LCSW-S and Talkspace therapist, says

“Chemistry is necessary and good because it creates desire and is part of the relationship game. However, consistency has to take over for that relationship to succeed.”

4. With his critical personality

The Virgo man can sometimes be overly critical and harsh. This is also a result of his perfectionistic nature. He likes to see things done exactly the right way, and when they aren’t, he tends to lash out when giving feedback. 

This type of stubborn mindset isn’t easy to deal with, but always remember not to take his comments too seriously. Communicate with him and let him know you understand that he likes things a certain way. But make him aware he can’t be critical all the time. He is going to have to let some things slide sometimes.

5. Honesty

A Virgo man will test your honesty. This is a given. Virgo men are very perceptive and intuitive. Do not hide anything from them, because they will tell right away. 

For Virgo men, honesty is the best policy. They hate being lied to or betrayed, so they will want to be sure that you will not do that to them. 

Their perception of detail helps them notice your body language, what your eyes are saying, and whether you are being truthful or not. Virgo men are known as the human lie detectors in the zodiac, so be careful.

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6. Asking you about your plans for the future

If a Virgo man is in a relationship, he’s in it for the long haul. He sees you in his future, and he will want to know whether he fits into yours. Earth signs are generally family-oriented, and Virgo men are no different. 

His love language is acts of service, and because of that, he wants to live a life where he can take care of someone. This test will most likely come up when the relationship is about to get more serious. 

If he feels that your future plans don’t align with his and he likes you, he may try to compromise. Otherwise, he will decide that you are not compatible and move on.

7. He may stop giving you attention

Now, this may seem toxic, but a Virgo man will want to be sure that you are as interested in him as he is in you. So, he may not text, call, or contact you in any way, wanting to see if you will reach out first

A test like this will most likely happen early on in the relationship. 

Virgo men can appear to be self-assured, but they aren’t so confident when it comes to how they think they are perceived by others. As a result, they will be looking for confirmation of your feelings. 

If you are the kind of girl that sits around and waits for the man to text first, a Virgo man might not be in your life for very long.

8. Your intelligence

As I pointed out at the beginning of this article, Virgo men are intelligent, and so they appreciate the same in a partner. They love to have intellectual discussions, and the best way to engage them is to match their intellect. 

They will examine your conversation to see if you are emotionally and intellectually compatible. 

Compatibility is very important to a Virgo man. He will not enter into a relationship with the mindset that he has to change for his partner or that his partner has to change for him. 

Whether it be favorite movies or favorite foods, from the onset, a Virgo man will want to confirm compatibility.

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9. Repetition

A Virgo man is very intuitive and he expects his partner to be the same. Now, this isn’t a very realistic expectation as people are different. To test you, he might repeatedly mention something. You will notice (hopefully) a pattern in what he is saying or asking for. A lot of the time, he is hinting at what he wants. 

A high level of attention is needed in a relationship with a Virgo man or you will fail this test. My sister, for example, is the least intuitive person I know and often fails to understand even the least subtle of hints. If you are like this, a relationship with a Virgo man might not work out, as your inability to understand him will lead to frustration on both sides.

10. Boundaries

As an extremely hard-working person, a Virgo man doesn’t want a woman who will not respect his boundaries. 

He will want to see how much you value your time and might set up surprise dates or calls. Naturally, you should make time for your partner, but with a Virgo man, don’t make too much time. He doesn’t like overly available women. Don’t stop living because you have gotten a new boyfriend. 

Every man appreciates a woman with a well-balanced life. Set some boundaries! 

Final words

A Virgo man is likely to test you in several ways. You need to keep in mind that he is just trying to determine whether you are suitable for him and be patient. If you pass his tests, then congrats, you’ve gotten yourself a keeper. 

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