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If a lady is already crushing hard on you, then you may not need to do much to get her to make the first move to kiss you. But what if she isn’t that into you? 

Then knowing when to go in for that first kiss will be difficult and nerve-wracking. If you don’t get the timing right, you’ll be in for the most awkward moment of your life. 

But what if you could make any girl want to kiss you? Do you think it’s possible? 

If you feel a guy has to be the one to always go in for the kiss, you’re wrong. In many instances, girls have found themselves so swept off by a guy that they didn’t know they made the move to kiss him. 

And you can learn to do this too. Any guy can get a girl to kiss him if he knows the right steps to take. So without further ado, let’s get into it. 

1. The most important part

Unless you’re a movie or a rock star, no girl is going to suddenly jump on you out of nowhere and attempt to kiss you. 

Hence, the most important part is to first establish an emotional bond with a girl. 

Most guys think you have to be the “bad boy” to get a girl to obsess over you. But in reality, you don’t need to. If you’re dealing with a high-quality woman who understands what a high-value man looks like, what you need to do is build a connection with her first. 

For instance, when you’re on a date, be attentive. Let her know through your actions that you care. The more she sees your genuineness, the more she’ll feel safe and connected to you. 

Don’t think you need to ignore her to make her chase you. That only sounds good in theory. In reality, only damaged girls will fall for that. And you don’t need those kinds of ladies anyway. 

What you need is someone who will understand and appreciate your effort to build a connection with her. 

When a high-quality woman sees that your intentions are genuine, she’ll feel safe with you, she’ll trust you more, and that’s where you want to be for the next steps to work. 

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2. Make yourself irresistible 

Assuming you’ve already established that chemistry and emotional bond, now it’s time to deal with the external. 

Here’s a simple question you can ask yourself. If you were a girl and you met someone that dresses, looks, and smells like you, would you want to kiss you? 

As much as the emotional connection is important, your outer grooming is a huge determinant as to whether or not a girl will want to kiss you. 

Girls love it when a guy has fresh breath and smells good. It’s universal. When you’re with your woman and you smell good, she wants to hug you more. She’ll want to hold you and stay close to you. 

And this isn’t just because girls like good smells. There’s a scientific explanation behind it. According to studies, when we smell a nice fragrance, our amygdala responds by releasing serotonin and dopamine. And these neurotransmitters make us feel good. 

Add that to the rush of oxytocin you get when you touch someone you love and you’ll see why just smelling good could be one of the most important things you can do to get a girl to kiss you. 

Look good and smell good so that when she looks at you, you’ll be like a nice pack of snacks she wants to just get a hold of and devour. 

3. Why the right environment matters

Here’s the thing: Getting a girl to make that move to kiss involves triggering her emotionally. 

You have to be in place without distractions. A place where you can hold her close, look into her eyes, and tell her something romantic. A place where you can hold her close and dance with her without her being worried that anyone will walk in on you. 

When she’s in the right environment without distractions, all her focus will be on the moment. She’ll smell your good fragrance, hear your words, and most importantly, she’ll be free to do whatever she wants, if the moment leads to it. 

4. Get closer

After you’ve created the right environment, the next step is to make the moment right. One way to spice things up is to put on some nice music that you think she will like and then ask her to dance with you. 

Hold her close to you and move gently. First, your good smell is going to get her. Most girls will likely compliment how you smell at this moment. But if she doesn’t that’s okay. 

The most important thing is that you smell good before you make this move.

As you move gently to the music, have a little talk with her. Be honest about it. Tell her how it’s been great hanging out with her, and let her know that you care about her. 

If she’s liking you already, she’ll most likely respond with her own compliments. Having a conversation like this where you both confess your feelings to each other is a great way to build tension in the air. 

And this tension can easily escalate into a kiss in most cases. 

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5. Eye contact 

You’re more likely to make a girl think of kissing you if you’re looking into her eyes. 

Think about it. Even if you’re saying something romantic while dancing to her favorite song, it’s not going to feel special if you just say it looking away. 

Studies show that mutual gazing makes us bond with those we love. And this is because when we lock eyes with someone we’re attracted to, we feel good because our brains release oxytocin. 

For instance, when you hug her tight in an emotional moment, if you’re in the right environment, don’t just pull away and move ahead. You might be missing a chance for something special. Instead, pull away slowly while making eye contact with her. 

Moments like these often lead to kisses a lot of times. 

If you want a girl to kiss you first, learn to look at her eyes when talking with her. 


These strategies are not just good for getting a girl to kiss you. They are also great if you’re looking for a way to give her the first kiss. 

In most cases, even after taking these steps, the girl might still be waiting on you to make the move. And the more you make these moves, the more tension you’ll create in the air. 

Hence, even if she still doesn’t take the initiative to go for the kiss, you’ll most likely see signs from her that she wants you to kiss her already. 

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