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When it comes to getting into a relationship with someone, there’s a lot to consider. From personality traits to compatibility, there are many factors at play. 

But, money matters too. It’s not about being a gold digger or looking for a sugar daddy. It’s about practicality and stability. 

Financial issues can cause serious strain in a relationship, and it’s better to recognize these issues sooner rather than later.

This article isn’t about passing judgment on anyone for their financial struggles. We’ve all been there at some point. 

Sometimes it’s due to circumstances beyond our control, sometimes it’s due to poor decisions, and sometimes it’s just the ups and downs of life. 

It’s about recognizing patterns that signal financial instability.

What we’re looking at are signs that a guy may be in an “ongoing state” of financial instability (aka signs of a broke guy). 

1. His Living Situation Seems Temporarily Permanent

He might be couch-surfing at a friend’s place, living with his parents, or in a shared flat with a crowd. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, living with parents or sharing a flat is perfectly reasonable in many situations. 

However, when he starts calling his friend’s couch his “temporary permanent home”, it’s a red flag.

Sometimes, someone ends up in a less-than-ideal living situation for reasons beyond their control. 

But if he’s been in the same situation for a long time without a plan to move forward, it may indicate financial instability.

The real telltale sign is how he talks about his situation. Is he comfortable with it, almost too comfortable? Does he lack the motivation to change things? 

Look for signs of complacency and the lack of ambition to improve his circumstances.

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2. Eating Out is a Rarity

how to identify a broke guy

Food and dining habits can say a lot about a person’s financial situation. 

When someone is constantly avoiding eating out and prefers to stick to homemade meals or instant noodles, it could be a signal. 

While there are health benefits to home cooking, an aversion to restaurants or cafes might suggest financial difficulties.

Does he often suggest staying in instead of going out? Does he seem to enjoy hosting dinners more than dining out? Pay attention to his enthusiasm when it comes to picking up the bill. 

A reluctance to pay the bill, or insistence on choosing the cheapest items on the menu, might be indications of a thin wallet.

Many people opt for home cooking or budget meals out of habit, preference, or health consciousness. But if this behavior is coupled with other signs on this list, it’s a good reason to raise your eyebrows.

3. Sale Shopping is His Favorite Sport

Another sign to look out for is his shopping habits. Is he always on the hunt for deals and discounts? Does he have an uncanny knack for spotting the cheapest items in any store? 

If the answer is yes, it might mean he’s living paycheck to paycheck.

Again, there’s nothing inherently wrong with being frugal or smart with money. It’s a quality many of us could learn from. 

But a constant pursuit of sales or discounts, even when it’s not necessary, could suggest that his finances are tight.

Listen to how he talks about his shopping excursions. Does he take pride in his bargain-hunting skills, even to the point of obsession? 

If so, it might be more about financial need than simply enjoying the thrill of finding a good deal.

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4. Credit Card? What’s That?

Signs a man has no money

We’re in an age where cashless transactions are the norm. Credit cards, in particular, are widely used because of their convenience and rewards. 

If a guy constantly prefers to use cash or debit cards over credit, it could be a sign of financial instability.

Is he adamant about paying in cash? Does he shy away from discussions about credit cards? This might suggest that he has a poor credit history or, worse, is neck-deep in credit card debt.

While many people prefer cash or debit transactions for their reasons, a complete aversion to credit cards can be a warning sign. 

Especially if this aversion is coupled with signs of anxiety or discomfort whenever credit cards are mentioned.

5. Vacations are a Foreign Concept

One of the most significant signs of financial instability is the lack of vacations. If a guy doesn’t take holidays or travel, it might suggest that he cannot afford them.

Does he always have an excuse when the topic of vacations comes up? Is he more of a “staycation” person? 

While it’s possible that he simply doesn’t like traveling, an outright refusal or hesitation to plan vacations might hint at a lack of funds.

People travel differently. Some prefer local trips, while others crave exotic adventures. 

But a complete lack of travel, especially if he shows interest but always backs out at the last minute, could be a clear sign of a broke guy.

6. His Favorite Mantra is “I’ll Pay You Back”

how to identify a broke guy

Do the words “I’ll pay you back” ring a bell? You’ve heard it so many times that it’s practically etched in your memory. The sad truth is, he usually doesn’t follow through on his promises.

To start, there’s a clear line between someone temporarily short on cash and someone who habitually borrows money. The guy we’re talking about falls into the latter category. 

Every time you hang out, he leaves his wallet at home, doesn’t bring enough cash, or some other excuse. You’ve lost count of the number of times he’s told you he’ll pay you back.

One thing to keep in mind is that his behavior isn’t limited to just you. Chances are, he’s doing it with other people in his life, too. 

When he borrows from Peter to pay Paul, that’s when you know he’s in hot financial water.

His money-borrowing habit is not only a sign of financial instability, but it also speaks volumes about his character. 

Constant borrowing and lack of repayment indicate irresponsibility and a lack of respect for self and other people’s hard-earned money.

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7. His Job Status is Always ‘In-Between Jobs’

Seems like he’s always “in-between jobs”. No matter how many times you’ve asked about his job, his answer is always along the lines of “I’m looking”, “I’m freelancing”, or “I’m between gigs”.

You’ve known him for a while, and he’s yet to hold a steady job. It’s almost as though he’s comfortable with his employment situation and doesn’t see the urgency of finding stable work.

Don’t get it twisted, freelancing or doing gigs is not necessarily a sign of being broke. Many freelancers earn quite well. 

It becomes a red flag when he seems aimless and lacks direction.

Stable employment is not just about the paycheck. It reflects an individual’s ambition, motivation, and overall attitude towards life. 

A perpetual state of joblessness often points towards financial struggles, lack of ambition, and lack of accountability.

8. He’s Always ‘Broke Until Payday’

He might have a stable job but the thing is that he’s always “broke until payday”. And it’s not just once or twice, but all the time. 

He might not say it explicitly, but you can tell from the way he manages his money.

There’s a pattern in his spending. He splurges soon after payday, and then he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel until the next one. 

One crucial point here is that his spending habits indicate a lack of financial intelligence. 

Instead of allocating his paycheck wisely to last the entire month, he blows it all and then spends the rest of the month struggling. If this doesn’t signal you of financial instability, I don’t what will.

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9. Luxuries? They’re Alien to Him

Signs a guy has no money

Luxuries are nice to have, but they’re not necessities. A financially unstable guy often can’t afford luxuries. 

Designer brands, latest tech gadgets, high-end cars – they’re all foreign to him.

It’s not like everyone has to have these things. Many choose not to spend on luxuries out of personal preference. 

But with him, it’s not a choice. He can’t afford them. He might put on a facade of disinterest, but deep down, he wishes he could afford these things.

You’ve seen him eyeing those things, even though he never admits it. He knows brands, he knows the latest tech, and he can tell a luxury car from a mile away, but they’re always out of his reach. 

10. He Never Talks About the Future

Whether it’s career plans, investment ideas, or dreams of buying a home, the future seems to be a taboo topic for him.

When you’ve brought up the topic, he’s always been evasive. He doesn’t like talking about the future, because he’s so entangled in his present financial woes. 

The future requires planning and finances, two things that he’s currently struggling with.

His reluctance to discuss the future isn’t just about financial instability. It also reflects a lack of ambition and direction. 

Without plans for the future, he’s simply drifting through life, and that’s not the kind of guy you want to be with.

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11. His Best Friend is Mr. Minimum Payment

A lot of us have been acquainted with him, especially when times get tough. But for our guy here, Mr. Minimum Payment is not just a friend, he’s the best friend.

When credit card bills come due, he opts for the minimum payment. Every. Single. Time. 

He treats his credit card like a high-interest loan, only paying off the smallest amount possible each month.

This habitual minimum payment is not only a sign of poor financial management but also indicates the possibility of heavy debt. 

Interest charges pile up when you only make the minimum payment, leading to a mountain of debt that can become nearly impossible to clear.

And the worst part? This vicious cycle of minimum payments and ever-growing interest continues month after month. 

By relying on Mr. Minimum Payment, he’s drowning in debt while deceiving himself that he’s managing his finances.

12. Budgeting? He’d Rather Walk on Hot Coals

Broke guy

Let’s talk about budgeting. Or in his case, the utter lack thereof. He’d rather walk on hot coals than sit down and create a budget.

It’s not like he hasn’t tried. On your suggestion, he even tried to draft a budget once or twice. But he just couldn’t stick to it. Budgeting is like a chore to him, one that he’d rather not do.

His aversion to budgeting reveals his financial instability. Budgeting is a crucial financial habit that helps keep track of income and expenses. 

But if he’d rather avoid it, it’s a clear sign that he’s either scared of confronting his financial situation or just plain irresponsible.

This lack of budgeting is a sign of living in denial. Without a budget, he doesn’t know how much he’s earning, how much he’s spending, or where he’s overspending. 

This ignorance is not bliss; it’s financial chaos.

13. His Wallet is a Desert

Remember the old joke about moths flying out of wallets? With him, it’s not a joke, it’s reality. 

His wallet is often empty, not just of money, but of debit or credit cards as well. His wallet is a desert, rarely seeing the green of cash or the glint of plastic.

Not carrying cash or cards doesn’t necessarily mean he’s broke. With the advent of digital wallets and online banking, many people prefer not to carry physical money. 

But in his case, it’s different.

His wallet is empty because he doesn’t have much to put in it. Maybe he had a debit card once, but it got declined so many times that he stopped carrying it. 

Or maybe he never applied for a credit card because he knew he couldn’t handle it.

An empty wallet, coupled with his avoidance of financial topics, speaks volumes about his monetary situation. He’s financially barren, and his wallet is a grim reflection of that.

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14. He’s a Stranger to Savings

We’ve all been taught the importance of saving money for a rainy day. But for him, this concept is as foreign as quantum physics. 

He’s a stranger to savings, living his life one day at a time without a safety net.

His paycheck comes in, and before you know it, it’s gone. He lives paycheck to paycheck, with nothing set aside for emergencies or future needs. 

His bank account is often in the negative, waiting for the next paycheck to bring it back to life.

Without savings, he’s constantly one paycheck away from financial disaster. If a crisis hits or if he loses his income source, he would be left high and dry without any financial buffer.

This lack of savings isn’t just about being broke. It’s about a lack of foresight, planning, and responsibility. 

15. His Bills are Always Late

Have you noticed that he’s always late on payments, whether it’s rent, utilities, or credit card bills?

His bills are an Everest that he struggles to climb each month. Sometimes he manages to make it to the top; other times, he’s buried under an avalanche of late fees and penalties. 

Either way, his struggle with bills is a glaring sign of financial instability.

Late bills are not just a result of forgetfulness or disorganization. In his case, it’s a lack of funds. 

He’s always scrambling at the last minute, trying to scrape together enough money to pay his dues.

What defines a broke man?

A broke man, simply put, is an individual who consistently lacks the financial resources to meet his basic needs or fulfill his responsibilities. 

His financial situation is not just a temporary hiccup; it’s a persistent state of affairs. He struggles to pay his bills, has little to no savings, and lives paycheck to paycheck. 

He might have debts that he’s unable to pay off, or he might rely heavily on borrowing money from others. 

Can a girl fall in love with a broke guy?

Love knows no boundaries. A girl can fall in love with a broke guy if she sees qualities in him that she values, like kindness, intelligence, humor, and genuine care. 

Love isn’t about bank balances; it’s about the connection between two people. However, it’s also essential to consider the practical aspects of life. 

If the man’s financial instability is due to irresponsible habits or a lack of ambition, it might lead to conflicts and struggles down the line. 

So, while love can indeed blossom regardless of financial status, also consider the practical implications of a partner’s financial situation.

How do you know if a guy has money?

Identifying a man with money isn’t always straightforward because wealth often doesn’t show. 

Some people with money choose to live modestly, while others may put on a show of wealth they don’t possess. 

Some general indicators can hint at a man’s financial situation. 

He might live in a comfortable home, drive a well-maintained car, wear high-quality clothing, and not shy away from picking up the tab at a fancy restaurant. 

His professional status can also provide clues. But the most reliable way to know is by observing his financial habits: Does he save and invest? Does he live within his means? Does he plan for the future? 

These behaviors often suggest a sound financial footing.

How do you know which guy is right?

Determining the right guy for you goes beyond financial considerations. It’s about shared values, mutual respect, common interests, and a strong emotional connection. 

The right guy treats you with kindness and respect. He supports your goals, listens to you, and makes you feel valued. 

He shares your vision for the future and is willing to work through conflicts and challenges. 

And yes, financial stability does matter because it contributes to a stable life and future. 

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