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It’s never a pleasant experience to realize that someone you care about may be using you for financial gain. 

In any relationship, it’s essential to know when your partner genuinely appreciates you, or if they’re only sticking around for the benefits your wallet can provide. 

To help you make sense of the situation, I’ve compiled a list of 16 signs a man is using you for money. Keep in mind that each relationship is unique, and these points may not necessarily be definitive proof. 

However, they can provide valuable insights and warning signs to be aware of. Let’s dive into the signs that your partner may be more interested in your finances than in you.

1. He doesn’t invest in the relationship emotionally

A man who is genuinely interested in you will want to invest time and energy into the emotional aspects of your relationship. This should come naturally if he truly loves and cares for you. 

However, if he only seems to be interested in what you can provide financially, it might be a sign that he’s using you for money. 

For instance, when you’re together, he only wants to talk about the latest gadgets he wants or the fancy vacations he dreams of but never takes the time to listen to your feelings or support you emotionally, he might not be as committed to the relationship as he is to your wallet. 

Remember, a strong connection is built on emotional intimacy, and a partner who genuinely cares will want to nurture that bond.

2. The “You Owe Me” Attitude

If your partner has a habit of keeping tabs on everything he’s done for you – even if it’s something as small as grabbing a coffee – and then using that as leverage to request financial help, it’s a red flag. 

This tit-for-tat mentality shows that he might be more interested in what he can get out of the relationship rather than being a supportive, loving partner. And it’s even more true if you do more for him than he does for you. But whenever he manages to do something little, he behaves like you owe him. 

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3. Lack of Empathy for Your Financial Life

Take note if your partner appears to be indifferent to your financial struggles or concerns. 

A caring partner should be understanding and supportive when you face financial challenges, not dismissive or solely focused on his own needs. If he continues to demand your financial support without acknowledging your situation or offering help, that’s a huge red flag.

4. Avoidance of Money Talk

Communication is key in any relationship, and discussing financial matters should be no exception. In fact, the financial aspect is one of the most important parts of a relationship. 

Hence, when your man is evasive or outright refuses to talk about money, it may be because he’s hiding something or simply using you for financial support. 

A healthy partnership should involve open and honest conversations about finances, including shared expenses, individual spending habits, and future financial goals. If he’s unwilling to engage in these discussions, it’s because he’s fully aware of what he’s doing. And he knows that having a conversation about it will not lead to anything good for him. Consider it a red flag. 

5. The “Forever-in-Debt” Dilemma

Does your man seem to be perpetually in debt, always scrambling to pay off loans or creditors? 

If yes, then it’s worth noting if he’s consistently seeking your help to settle his debts without showing any signs of improving his financial habits or taking responsibility for his actions. 

While it’s normal to face financial setbacks, a partner who never learns from his mistakes or takes steps to improve his situation may be relying on you to bail him out indefinitely.

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6. The Sob Story

Everyone faces financial difficulties from time to time, but be wary of the man who consistently presents himself as a victim of unfortunate circumstances. 

This is the man who frequently shares stories about his financial struggles, always needing your help to get back on his feet, he may be using these tales to manipulate you into providing financial assistance. 

Look out for patterns in his behavior and try to determine if his “bad luck” is a recurring theme or a genuine, one-time issue. If it’s the former, then he’s probably clinging to you for financial gains. 

7. Lack of Commitment

This is a big one. And I’ll consider it one of the clearest signs if you see it. How can you tell? 

He’s only around when he needs something, this could be a sign that he’s using you for money. But when it comes to anything that has to do with commitment, like showing up for you or doing something a little inconvenient, he always has an excuse up his sleeves. 

The bottom line is this: if your partner shows little interest in committing to a long-term relationship, it may be because he’s only interested in the financial benefits you provide. 

A man who’s hesitant to discuss the future, avoids making plans, or shies away from the idea of moving in together might be using your financial stability as a safety net without wanting to invest emotionally in the relationship. 

8. He has a history of using people for money

Sometimes, a man’s past behavior can be an indicator of how he might act in the future. 

If you’re noticing patterns of financial exploitation from your partner, you might want to check his history. You might discover that he has a history of using people for their financial resources. This should raise a red flag. 

Whether it’s stories from his ex-partners, friends, or family members, it’s important to consider this information when evaluating the relationship. 

Keep in mind, though, that people can change, and it’s essential to have an open and honest conversation about past mistakes to see if he’s genuinely committed to doing things differently this time.

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9. The One-Way Street

Whether it’s covering his share of the rent, paying for meals out, or even bailing him out of financial trouble, if you’re always the one reaching for your wallet, then you might want to examine the nature of your relationship with your man. 

Every balanced relationship follows the right dynamic – both partners contribute to the overall well-being of the partnership. Hence, when you notice that your man constantly expects you to foot the bill for expenses without ever reciprocating, this may be a sign that he’s using you for money. 

10. A Lavish Lifestyle He Can’t Afford

Does your partner always seem to be living beyond his means? Perhaps he’s constantly making extravagant purchases that he couldn’t possibly afford on his own. 

Here’s the thing: When your man relies on you to fund this luxurious lifestyle without contributing financially or making an effort to cut back on his spending, he’s likely taking advantage of your financial resources. 

Keep an eye out for an unwillingness to discuss budgets, joint financial planning, or any other attempts to share the responsibility for maintaining the lifestyle he’s grown accustomed to.

11. The Disappearing Act

One of the more subtle signs that a man may be using you for money is his tendency to disappear or become unavailable when he doesn’t need your financial assistance. 

He might be attentive and affectionate when he requires your help but is suddenly distant or unresponsive when his needs are met. This inconsistency in his behavior indicates that he’s not genuinely invested in the relationship but is instead focused on using you as a financial resource.

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12. Your Gut Feeling Says Something’s Off

Sometimes, the best indicator that something is amiss in your relationship is your intuition. Maybe you have a nagging feeling that your partner’s intentions aren’t quite right, pay attention to it. 

Your gut instinct might be picking up on subtle cues or patterns in his behavior that suggest he’s using you for money. 

Trusting your intuition and evaluating the situation objectively can help you make an informed decision about whether to stay in the relationship or protect yourself from further harm.

13. The Charm Offensive

Beware of the partner who is a smooth talker and showers you with compliments or grand gestures but falls short when it comes to genuine connection or commitment. 

Men like this will sweep you off your feet with romantic dinners or extravagant gifts, only to ask for financial favors shortly after. 

While it’s natural to be smitten by such gestures, also learn to recognize whether these acts of affection are genuine or simply a means to secure your financial support.

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14. Financial Secrets and Lies

When a man is frequently caught in lies about his financial situation, expenses, or debts, that’s a strong indication that he’s using you for money. 

Perhaps he hides purchases, downplays his spending habits, or gives vague explanations about where your shared funds are going. These dishonest behaviors show a lack of respect for both you and the relationship and suggest that he’s primarily focused on his financial gain.

15. He’s always “between jobs” or a vague career plan

Sure, we all experience periods of unemployment or uncertainty in our career paths. But when someone seems to be perpetually “between jobs” or has a vague or non-existent career plan, it might be a sign that they have an issue with managing their finances properly. 

And if this is your partner, then you need to watch out. Why? 

Well, a man – or woman – who is used to using other people for money may not have the motivation to pursue a stable career, as he’s content with the lifestyle your income provides. 

Keep an eye out for patterns of laziness, lack of ambition, or a reluctance to take responsibility for his financial well-being.

16. Your Friends and Family Are Concerned

Lastly, never underestimate the intuition of those closest to you. When your friends and family express concern about your partner’s intentions or his reliance on you for financial support, listen to their observations. 

They may notice patterns or behaviors that you’ve overlooked or dismissed, and their perspective can be invaluable in determining whether your partner is genuinely interested in you or merely using you for money.

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Final words 

Recognizing these signs can help you determine if you’re being used for financial gain in your relationship. If you believe your partner is taking advantage of your financial generosity, it’s crucial to address the issue and protect yourself from further harm. 

Remember, a relationship should involve mutual support, open communication, and shared responsibility. 

More importantly, a partner who’s deliberately using you for money has no serious plans for your relationship. And that’s not fair on you. 


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