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Does he think about me?

As a woman in love (or attracted to a guy), you’ve most likely asked yourself this question many times. 

It’s okay to admit it. When you feel deeply attracted to someone, you want them to feel the same way about you too. But since you’re not a psychic, how do you know if you’re on his mind? 

What if I told you there are several ways to make your man think about you? These are simple tips that you can implement to make sure his mind keeps coming back to you, for sure. These are not overly grand acts, just simple and timely actions that would key into his mind. If you are interested, let’s get into it.

1. Smell uniquely nice 

According to experts, the parts of the brain that juggles smell, memory, and emotions are intertwined. Remember how scent often makes you nostalgic about a childhood experience? This is the power of smell. 

There’s more to smelling good. 

While it is great to tease a man’s visual senses, don’t forget his olfactory senses. Men love a woman who smells good. It shows that she takes care of herself and prioritizes hygiene, which is a huge turn-on. 

Invest in fragrances, and have a signature scent. Besides the fact that he’ll be more drawn to you when he smells good, whenever he smells something similar, even when he is not with you, his mind and desires are automatically redirected to you. 

There’s a trick to spritzing on your fragrance to ensure that your guy catches the scent as much as possible. Spray it on your pulse points like the insides of your wrist, inner elbows, behind your ear lobes, and below your belly button. Do not spray your perfume directly on your skin, as it can heat up and drastically change the scent. 

2. Dress-up 

In a study to show the different ways in which males and females respond to visual stimuli, experts from the Emory University Health Sciences Center were able to prove that males respond faster to visual stimuli than females by showing higher levels of activation in the amygdala, which is the emotion control center of the brain. 

As a woman, what does this mean for you? And how can you play this to your advantage? The simple answer is to dress up and look good. When you do this, you are teasing his visual senses and causing his mind to stay on you for a long time. 

Of course, I know who you are on the inside supersedes your exterior, but come on, if you don’t look good on the outside, a man will not be attracted enough to get to know who you are on the outside. Always look classy, wear clothes that fit, and then carry yourself with pride. 

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3. Make him miss you 

I know you’re always excited to respond and make yourself available to him, but if you’re always with someone, when do they get to miss you?

As happy as you are to always be by his side, make yourself elusive once in a while so that he won’t get suffocated with your presence. 

As the relationship progresses into a more stable attachment, you can increase your availability. Until then, the only way he’ll miss you is if you make him miss your presence. 

Don’t always be the one initiating conversations all the time. Once in a while, wait for him to also initiate. 

If you’re busy when he calls, don’t be afraid you won’t be available at certain hours. This will make him see more value in your presence. 

4. Trigger his hero instincts 

The hero instinct of a man is the fundamental need of that man to feel appreciated, needed, and respected by you. Once you know how to trigger these in a man, you will have his undying love and devotion. 

A man wants to be a hero, and if you let him be a hero in your life, he will treat you like a queen. 

Now, I’m not saying you have to trade your independence for his affection. No. In fact, it is when a man sees how independent you are that he’ll appreciate those little moments in your life where he gets to play the hero. 

Compliments and calls for help are tested ways to trigger these instincts in him. 

For instance, you can shoot him a text saying, “Thank you for the ride yesterday; I couldn’t have made it home so early without your help.” This message automatically signals that you appreciate him, triggering his hero instincts. 

Another text you can send is, “Hi. My kitchen sink has been leaking for days; I can’t figure it out. Can you help me take a look?” It sends a signal that you need him, and that’s another way to get him to start thinking about you. 

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5. Eye Contact 

According to research, a direct gaze from another person. Depending on how you see that person, it either causes tension or makes you feel more attracted to that person. And this is because oxytocin, also called the love or cuddle hormone, is released when we maintain eye contact with someone we’re attracted to. This chemical release causes a mood boost and an increased feeling of passion. 

Before you go off staring unsolicitedly into a man’s eyes, there are a few things you should know. I already mentioned that this only works when done right, which means there’s a way to do it wrongly. 

Don’t stare into someone’s eyes for longer than a few seconds. It will be counterproductive and only make them uncomfortable. To do it right, catch the person’s interest, hold their gaze for at most five seconds, smile, and then look away. You can repeat this as many times as you like. 

6. Touch 

Touch is another powerful tool of communication, just like eye contact. Through touch, you can easily communicate your feelings to someone without having to speak. 

In your desperation to imprint yourself on his memory, don’t go about grabbing him, as that will be counterproductive. 

Instead, gently graze his body with your touch. It has to be slight, so he would keep thinking about it long after you have left. Another way to make it natural is during a conversation, touch his shoulder or arm for a few seconds, and you will leave an impression. 

7. Challenge him

Generally, males love to do the chasing. They are natural hunters who are not exhilarated by an easy prospect, which is why you have to give them a reason to chase you.

According to a team of researchers from the University of Rochester, men see women who are easy to attract as more desperate. They feel you don’t value yourself, which is why you make the chase very easy. 

If you want a man to keep thinking about you, then you should give him a challenge. Don’t let your guard down in one swoop; you have to do it little by little. 

For instance, instead of following him back home on the first day, leave him on your porch with a kiss on the lips. Make him prove himself before going to second base, and always flirt when sending him a message.

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8. Say their name 

Calling people by their names fosters intimacy, acknowledgment, and respect. Even though it is a private, one-on-one conversation, calling their name cements the feeling that they are the focus of your attention. 

To make this more sensual, whenever he says something funny, laugh and call his name softly. Or even better, give him a nickname that no one calls him. 

9. Authenticity 

Even if you don’t know it, there is something special about you that sets you apart from others. When interacting with a guy you like, you will set yourself up for failure by pretending to be someone you’re not.

If you’re successful in hooking him through pretense and deceit, it will only be a matter of time until he sees right through your act. 

If you want a man to think of you, you must be yourself. Show him your quirks and peculiarities, and be honest. He’ll find himself thinking about you while at work and smiling at how weird, and different you are. 


One key takeaway is that these aren’t games or tricks. It is just you being yourself and trying to catch the attention of the man you love while at it. 

Another central point is that while you can use all these tips to make him miss you, remember to respect and value yourself. A man will only stay with a confident woman who shows value in herself. 

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