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The term “Sigma female” isn’t that common. And this is because it’s a rare personality trait. You’ve probably heard of the alphas and the betas. They are common. 

But sigmas are one of a kind. 

How do you know you have this rare personality? Well, after reading this article, you’ll have more than enough signs to work with. 

The alpha female is easy to notice. Most likely she’ll be the loudest in the room. She’s bold, sets trends, and usually hangs around her group of baddie friends. But a sigma female isn’t this loud. She has internal strength, and she isn’t overly concerned about showing herself. 

Who is a sigma female? 

To understand whether or not you’re a sigma female, let’s first get an idea of what it means. 

A sigma female is a lone wolf. While the alphas like to hang out with their pack, the sigma is comfortable and strong alone. She doesn’t mind spending quality time all by herself and enjoying her own company. 

From afar, you might even think she’s a withdrawn introvert. But on a closer look, you’ll realize that she simply likes her own company. She isn’t shy or afraid of anyone. 

Maybe you already know someone who fits this description perfectly. Or, are you the one? Maybe you’re not still sure. After looking at these 16 signs, you’ll be able to spot a sigma female instantly.

16 Signs of A Sigma Female 

1. She’s highly self-sufficient 

A sigma female is a lone wolf. She doesn’t follow the crowd blindly because she’s afraid to stand out. She isn’t dependent on a group to function well. 

She fearlessly embraces solitude and doesn’t care what others think of her. She’s usually the type you’ll see eating in a restaurant, enjoying her meal alone. She likes to hang out with her few but close friends, but she also knows when to take her time out for herself. 

She can rock outfits like a baddie and not be too apprehensive about what other people think of her. This is because, at her core, the sigma female knows who she is and what she wants. 

Her high self-sufficiency and independence draw people to her. The beta females who crave leadership often look up to her with admiration because of her level of self-confidence. 

2. She has a charming charisma 

Unlike many alphas, sigma females are often less about themselves. They know how to be mature. And this makes them able to put the spotlight on others. This is what it means to be charming. 

In a conversation, they’ll pay attention to you and make you feel special. They’ll make you glow. She’ll make eye contact with you in a calm way. You’ll feel her attention on you and her empathy, like a motherly gauze. 

She may not want the attention of being a leader, but she’s the type that people will willingly choose to lead them. Her self-confidence isn’t loud and threatening like that of many alphas. 

She has a quiet strength.  And she isn’t interested in showing off to impress anyone. She understands that just being herself is enough. 

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3. She has relationship standards 

Beta females settle in relationships. They’re not self-sufficient, hence, most of them end up seeking validation from their romantic relationships. They crave the nice things their partners say to make themselves feel better. 

But a sigma female is different. 

First, her high-level self-sufficiency means she isn’t desperate for any validation. She doesn’t need anyone to validate or make her feel that she’s enough. She knows herself and what she deserves. 

And because of this psychological makeup, the sigma female never settles in a relationship. She has standards. Though her standards are not ridiculously high, they’re not on the ground either. 

She understands what she deserves, and she’ll only go for guys who will give her exactly that: Respect, love, affection, loyalty, and admiration.

4. She has a mysterious but interesting personality 

Every quiet but charismatic person has this effect on people: Mystery. 

Whenever we see someone sitting comfortably in a restaurant with their shoulders back and legs crossed, we think to ourselves, who’s the mystery girl or guy? 

How do you feel when you see someone who’s calm and confident? You feel like they’re powerful. This is because calm people make us feel like they know something we don’t. 

She doesn’t mind whether he’s the most good-looking guy in class or he’s the captain of the football team. She’ll look him in the eye like she has nothing to be afraid of. When we see people like this combining strength of character and quietness, we become interested. 

5. She doesn’t mind being unconventional 

To be a lone wolf means you have to be comfortable with being misunderstood. You need to believe more in your ideas and the motivation behind them before anyone else will back you. 

It takes someone with a strong strength of character to be able to handle being misunderstood. You have to be willing to handle criticisms and see things through even when they don’t appear to be going the way you would want. 

The sigma female knows herself. And she understands that her decisions are hers. Even if she fails at anything, she doesn’t find someone to blame for it. She takes responsibility, learns from it, and moves on. 

6. She isn’t a pushover 

She may not be loud, but she can look you in the eye and tell you what’s in her mind. She isn’t intimidated by those around her. 

She has a level of awareness that makes her less obsessed about herself in social interactions. She can easily let go of her need to impress people and put the spotlight on others. 

She says no when she needs to say no. And whenever she comes across any unfair treatment from people, she gets triggered to speak up. And she stands her ground. 

Though she likes harmony and she’s respectful, she isn’t afraid to be disagreeable when there’s a need. She knows what she stands for and she’ll defend her core values to anyone at any time. 

7. She’s emotionally mature 

Sigma females are high on emotional maturity. 

Meaning they don’t easily lash out at people during arguments. They tend to make rational decisions and hold themselves accountable. They won’t prey on you just to feel good about themselves. 

For instance, when they see that they’re losing an argument, they can admit defeat and not feel like their ego is being threatened. 

She can also have difficult conversations maturely because she isn’t big on pleasing people. Hence, she doesn’t mind stepping on a few toes if it means her doing the right thing. 

The sigma female’s high emotional maturity makes her very composed. And because of this, even when you’re trying to get to her by saying something annoying, she may still keep her calm, giving her a sort of godlike aura.

8. The sigma female is big on integrity 

Part of what forms her strength of character is her integrity. 

Being a person of integrity means you’re living in alignment with your highest values even when no one is around you. It makes you earn your own respect and the respect of others. 

Those who live with integrity are not plagued with the internal conflict that makes most people lose their sense of identity. And the more integrous you are, the more confident and internally harmonious you’ll be. 

When you’re at this stage, petty things like low self-esteem will not be your problem. 

The reason why most people can’t look another person in the eye and talk to them isn’t often because they’re afraid. It’s because they’re so conflicted within that they’ve lost respect for themselves. And it’s that hidden sense of shame that they try to hide by avoiding your gauze. 

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9. She’s a free thinker 

One of the most attractive things about a sigma woman is her ability to think for herself. She isn’t blinded by purposeless TikTok trends and the need to impress people. 

Sometimes her standard of what’s right and wrong may not align with what everyone else thinks. But this doesn’t mean she will trust her sense of judgment less. After all, she’s a lone wolf, and she isn’t going to change her stand because a few people think she’s wrong. 

However, this doesn’t mean she’s blindly stubborn and hell-bent on defending her ego even when she’s wrong. No. 

When there’s a need, she’s able to detach her ego and see things the right way. And this is what makes a good leader material. She has flexible thinking. 

10. She’s tough 

The sigma woman doesn’t bend because of challenges. She doesn’t hide from them and hope for an easy life. 

Rather, she sees challenges as means to grow. And even when the challenges are very tough, and it breaks her a little bit, she’ll most likely rise stronger after the ordeal. 

And one of the reasons she’s like this is that she doesn’t have a dependence mentality. She understands that she can’t depend on anyone to feel complete. And she can’t also blame her misfortunes on anyone. 

This makes her take full responsibility for her actions and the consequences that follow. She understands that the things she does will create the outcome of her life. No one’s coming to save her, and she has to be tough if she’s going to make anything meaningful of herself. 

11. She doesn’t suck up to people 

Like the alphas, the sigma females don’t take BS treatment from people. She may not be loud or talkative, but she knows how to stand her ground and defend herself when there’s a need. 

She knows that she deserves respect, and she will respectfully demand it. 

Here’s the thing: The sigma woman is kind, not because she wants to make people like her. She’s kind because it’s the right thing to do. It’s just who she is to treat people with respect and dignity. 

Hence, whenever her respect and kindness are taken for granted, she doesn’t have any problem showing the strength of her character by demanding it from you. This is why she might catch people off guard with her actions sometimes. 

Outward, she looks gentle and harmless. But inwards, there’s a strength of character that can come out at any time. 

12. Small but strong circle of friends

Unlike the alpha female that likes to move with her pack, the sigma likes her circle small, but loyal. This is because she’s very mindful of the type of people she allows into her life. 

And it’s no wonder why. 

She’s self-sufficient, and she’ll rather be a lone wolf. She doesn’t need anyone to validate her, and neither does she need directions and instructions from anyone on how to live her life. 

Furthermore, the sigma woman can often be controversial and unconventional, and having too many friends will tend to influence her objectives. She likes the freedom of being able to do whatever she wants without feeling she’s letting anyone down. 

13. She has fully accepted herself 

I’ve come across so many beautiful ladies who are riddled with insecurities because they don’t feel they meet society’s beauty standards. 

In my eyes, I’ll see them as gorgeous and elegant ladies. But in their own eyes, they’ll see a body that’s too slim, a waist that’s too big, boobs that are too small, a butt that’s too flat, or a shape that’s too fat. 

The beta is always trying to meet up with standards. This is why they worship everyone else they think is better while they wallow in insecurity. 

The sigma female, on the other hand, has accepted her strengths and her weaknesses. And she understands that she doesn’t need to be perfect to win anyone over. 

Her flaws and her strengths are just a part of her as every other aspect of herself. And she has fully come to terms with it.

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14. She’s sometimes seen as intimidating 

People who are quiet but confident have a unique mix of traits that often intimidates people. 

For instance, if you’re in an argument with a sigma female, her level of self-control will make her put her points across to you in a very calm and clear-headed manner. If you’re someone who doesn’t have self-control, her calmness will frustrate you into raising your voice. 

Furthermore, people who bully and manipulate tend to use your weaknesses against you. 

Bullies usually target the timid. But a sigma female cannot be toiled with. Her level of independence often makes her come off as strong. She isn’t someone you want to mess with. 

15. She influences those around her (often unintentionally) 

The betas are always looking for people to lead them. But unlike the alphas, sigma women are not big on taking the stage and hogging the spotlight. So they lead silently from the side. 

They’re often the ones people willingly give their respect to. They’re not scared to stand up for the underdog who may be too afraid to stand up for herself. 

And her level of independence makes people follow her lead. This is because people like to be sure of where they’re going. This is why people who are confident about what they’re saying, like Andrew Tate, quickly gather a huge following. 

There are more betas in the world than there are alphas and sigmas. This means that more people are dying to be under some form of leadership or mentorship under someone they think has the answers. 

16. She cuts the wrong people off 

Some of us find it difficult to cut people off either because we’re afraid of confrontation or because we don’t want people to see us badly. So we suck up toxic friends and smile with them while we nurse fantasies of revenge we will never execute. 

But the sigma females will cut off a toxic friend without thinking twice. 

This doesn’t mean she derives joy in it, it simply means that she understands the kind of friendship she deserves. She knows that if she doesn’t let the bad ones go, she won’t create space for the kind of relationships that will really nurture her. 

More importantly, the sigma female understands that her life is her responsibility. No one is going to come and help her separate the good friends from the bad ones. And it’s this sense of responsibility that makes her easily cut the wrong people off her life. 

How to Be A Sigma Female 

Not every sigma was born that way. If you’re not naturally the lone-wolf type, there are a few things you can do to learn to be one. 

It first starts with the basic stuff. They are the foundation on which all other things are built. I believe there are two parts to becoming a sigma woman. The first has to do with your mindset, and the second has to do with developing yourself. 

Sigma women live with a mindset of independence. They know that they are responsible for their own life. 

This is what motivates them to make moves, speak up for themselves, go for the right friends, and cut the wrong people off. 

The second part is the most important: Develop yourself. It’s in the place of growth that you’ll find yourself. Sigma women are often not born strong and charismatic. In most cases, they were shy until they learned not to be. 

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