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Often when I break up with someone, I secretly hope they will be miserable without me and regret losing me. Well, this has happened on many occasions. 

I’ve had some guys come back and say, “I’m sorry I messed up; you’re the best girl I’ve ever dated”. 

I hope I’m not the only one who wishes their exes will be miserable; that will make me a terrible person. 

The truth is, most times, guys regret losing some girls. They may not admit it openly, but they do.

It is often said that guys like “bad” girls, and sometimes it’s when they encounter a “bad” girl that they start to realize they were better off with the one they let go. Indeed, you don’t know the value of what you’ve lost it.

So which kind of girls do guys regret losing?

1. Girls who fuel his passion

I once dated a guy who loved to travel. I like traveling too, but that guy was always on a high, even just thinking about places he could go. To encourage his passion for traveling, I got him a globe. 

We often played games where we would blindfold each other, randomly point out places on the globe and make hypothetical travel plans, clothes we would wear, connecting flights to the destination, etc.

That was his favorite game for a long time. I loved to see him light up and get excited. When we broke up after less than a year of dating, he got back to me weeks after that, saying how he missed hanging out with me.

Often, we don’t realize the effort girls put in to fuel the passion of the men they love. It involves planning and execution. 

Guys may take that for granted, but they will soon realize what they are missing.

2. Confident girls

Many people come into relationships with baggage and continuous patterns of destructive behavior in relationships. One of these behaviors is insecurity and lack of confidence in oneself. 

A confident girl does not seek negative attention. She does not create dramatic situations to make you assure her of your love.

A confident girl knows she’s a catch. She brings her authentic self to the relationship. She does not need to belittle you to feel good about herself.

If you’re a guy reading this, I’ve just given you a clue on what to look out for in the next girl you want to be with; that is if you let the last one go and realize the error of your ways.

A confident girl is a breath of fresh air, and I bet guys regret losing her.

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3. Ladies who are loyal

Some girls out there will stick with you through thick and thin. When you’re broke, they support you and defend you in front of their family and friends. They are practically your ride or die. 

Sometimes guys realize too late that they have let a loyal girl go. They end up having no one they can trust to be honest with them, respect them, and show up for them in all the ways a girl shows up for her man.

In a world where loyalty seems lost, a loyal girl is a treasure to be kept. And any man who lets her go will most likely come to regret it.

4. Girls who encourage his creativity

My current partner loves photography. He recently bought a camera, and his favorite pastime is to go around taking beautiful shots of random things. 

One weekend I asked him to go for a walk with me and suggested he bring his camera along. I have since been his muse, and I enjoy seeing him explore his creative side.

It can be challenging to urge people on when they are exploring their creative side, especially when it seems like they are into something new every time. Research proves that creativity encourages innovation and problem-solving.

A girl who encourages her guy to explore his creativity and gives him room to try new ideas is a gem.

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5. Those who challenge him to be better

It’s a shame to be in a relationship with someone afraid to push you. It’s like they are walking on eggshells, hoping not to upset you. 

Few girls can challenge you to be a better version of yourself. To be able to do that, they must be confident in themselves and believe in you enough to know that you can achieve more than you already are.

Girls like that are not afraid if challenging you leads to conflict; they are prepared to handle it because they want you to succeed.

Now, this is a girl guys regret losing. They might miss your input if they were making significant progress in certain areas of their lives. Often in such instances, you find the guy reaching out to his ex to discuss his pursuits and ask for her opinion.

That’s a sign that he regrets losing that ex.

6. Women with emotional intelligence and connection

A girl with emotional intelligence can read the room and know how to respond to you in sensitive situations. 

Rather than escalate a stressful situation, they will perceive your emotions and understand how you’re feeling to support you.

If they need to give you space, they will; without feeling rejected. 

It is a beautiful thing to be able to connect with someone on a deep level, sometimes using very few words. There’s just a feeling that they get you. An emotional connection of this type with a girl is unique.

Guys always regret losing girls who possess emotional intelligence and connection. They may never have that connection with anyone else for a long time.

7. Girls who accept him for who he is

In the early days of dating a guy, he tries hard to impress the girl. He might clean the house spotless when she’s coming over to visit him. After months of dating, when he becomes comfortable in her presence, he leaves things anywhere. He’s not scared of being judged. 

Granted, he still needs to tidy up, but it is a good sign that he feels safe enough to be himself and not have to perform for the girl all the time.

A girl should accept you for who you are, messy room and all. While she might encourage you to be better, she should not try to make you who you’re not, constantly nagging about the changes you need to make.

If a girl understands this, she’s a keeper; guys often regret losing such girls.

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8. Girls who make him feel wanted

Guys always want to feel like the hero in the life of their women. 

It’s alright to be an independent woman, but guys want to feel that they are needed and wanted. 

Girls who understand this intentionally create space for their guys to operate, making them feel appreciated. She may have everything figured out, but she chooses to let her guy be her partner in handling her business. 

Why would guys let a woman go? But they do. And eventually, realize they shouldn’t have.

9. Ladies who are not afraid to be themselves

It goes both ways, a girl who accepts a guy for who he is isn’t afraid to be herself. She knows that nobody is perfect, and perfection is not a precondition for love.

A girl who loves herself just the way she is, accepts her weaknesses, and thrives on her strengths is a delight to be around. Rather than focus on the negatives, she will highlight all the positives.

It is exhausting being around someone who is constantly putting themselves down and looking for validation. 

Guys might spend time daydreaming and comparing their ex, who was authentically herself, to the next girl, who is the opposite. It’s a sure sign that they regret losing their ex.

10. Girls who know what they want from the relationship.

A relationship is a mutual arrangement. Both parties come with an intention, or at least that is how it should be—the intention to love and be loved. 

Everything else falls under these. Companionship, respect, and friendship; are all tied to love. 

A girl who knows what she wants from a relationship is clear in her communication and dealings. She’s transparent, all in, and she gives as much as she takes from her partner. 

The opposite is a girl who goes with the flow; she has not defined what she wants and is going with the tide as the guy chooses. 

It is pretty clear which girl guys will regret losing.

For girls…

So how do you make yourself a girl that guys will regret losing? Work on yourself to embody the characteristics mentioned above. The key is to make yourself an asset, not a liability. 

That said, some guys won’t care that they have lost you. Those are the ones who don’t care about you, no matter how good you were to them. You’re better off without them.

Signs that a guy regrets losing you

1. He tells you. He doesn’t mince words. Some guys will outrightly call you and tell you that they want you back. 

2. He calls and messages you often. For some guys, it’s difficult to admit that they made a mistake, so you’ll see it in their actions.

3. They will try to get back together with you. He might do this by trying to hang out or intentionally bumping into you frequently. Why would he want to get back together if he doesn’t regret losing you?

It’s painful when you realize you have let a good person go. It may not be too late to try and patch things up with them, better still, work on yourself so as not to miss the next good one.

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Yvonne Peters-Adzimah

Yvonne is passionate about ensuring that people live purposeful lives. She writes on topics of love, spirituality, healing from trauma, and personal growth. Yvonne holds a BA in Linguistics and an MA in Gender and Development. She loves to travel and spend time with her family.

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