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Having someone you desire crave you so much that they obsess over you is a fantasy most people have. But in reality, making this happen isn’t that complicated if you know how it works.

Let’s break it down.

Think about the moment you found yourself thinking about someone — romantic or not — what caused it? Understanding what makes you think of someone fondly will help you know the things you need to do to make someone else think of you.

This is the first step in this process. These other five strategies will help you get into the mind of any lady and make her think of you.

1. Focus on the little details

You already know that men and women think differently on many grounds. And when it comes to noticing little details, this difference is even bigger. So big that most men may not be able to relate to some things women pay attention to.

For instance, this info may surprise most men:

If you go on a date with a lady and you have a great time, the defining moment for her could be that split second when you took a piece of tiny dirt from her hair. She may not remember that great joke or the expensive wine you bought. She’ll get home and obsess about that one moment over and over again.


The level of attention that made you notice such a tiny thing about her made her feel special. And if you’ve dated a woman that cared about you, you’ll notice how she’ll notice the tiniest changes in you.

She’ll quickly notice you have a different perfume, tell you there’s a change in your voice, pick out tiny dirt from your hair, etc. This is sort of a universal love language for most women, and it’s one of the best ways to make them think of you.

2. Hone your reputation like an artiste

Your reputation is the aura you give when you’re with someone. And if you want a woman to think fondly of you, you need to learn how to hone it like an artist.

You don’t want to come off as a needy man who doesn’t know himself. No one wants to waste mental energy trying to figure out a needy man. Women don’t want needy men because evolutionarily, they’re less likely to survive with a needy man around.

Think of it. If she gets pregnant by a needy man, then she’ll have to take care of him and the baby. That’s not a good place to be.

To make a woman think of you, you need to establish yourself as high value. You want to be the mystery guy that she wants to figure out. This isn’t as difficult as some “alpha male” dating coaches make it.

Most times a high-value man is simply a man that knows his boundaries. He isn’t interested in sucking up to a lady because of how she looks. He understands what he deserves, he’s on his purpose, and doesn’t have time for clingy behavior. A man like this will naturally get the attention and respect of women.

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3. Compliments that stand out

We remember compliments that stand out to us.

If you’ve ever had your mum, dad, or your tutor tell you something honestly good about you, there’s a high chance you’ll remember that compliment even years later.

We’ve all found ourselves thinking and smiling to ourselves because we remember something nice someone said to us about ourselves. And this is because hearing great compliments make us feel good about ourselves.

And more importantly, we associate that good feeling with that person that complimented us. This is why giving a woman a compliment that stands out is one of the ways to guarantee she’ll think of you when you’re not there.

But to do this right, skip the normal “You look beautiful” kind of compliment. Think of something unique to her. This will especially be effective if it’s something she worked hard on.

Since she’s probably already used to people telling her she’s beautiful, complimenting her on something she made happen by her own hard work is surely something she’ll appreciate more.

4. Space spores desire

Space doesn’t mean that you call her three days after a first date. She’ll simply forget you if you do this with modern dating.

What it means to give her space is that you shouldn’t suffocate her with bits of excess attention because of your insecurity or excitement.

Some guys — and girls — want to stay in touch all the time, especially at the beginning of a relationship. If they’re not with her physically, they’re texting throughout the day. While this may seem cute at the beginning, it will only fasten the downfall of that relationship in most cases.

If you suffocate someone with attention, they might end up being more concerned about getting rid of you instead of thinking of you.

But giving someone space isn’t about playing mind games either. Rather, you want to spend quality time with them. And the idea is that when you’re not together, they’ll think of the great moments you shared.

If you’re a man on purpose, this should be your natural course of action. A busy person doesn’t have time to suffocate someone else with attention. Rather, he plans and works diligently to spend quality time with his woman.

Just like fire needs air to grow stronger, desire also needs space.

5. The key to making her think of you

The best way to make someone think of you is to have great experiences with them.

When you think back to the moments when you thought fondly about someone, chances are, you remembered the great experiences you had together. And when you remember, you also remember how you felt at that moment. That’s the magic.

This is what psychologists call the dopamine-reward loop. It explains that we link the great feeling we have in fun moments to those we were with when we had them. (This loop is also a major part of what causes addictions).

If you want a lady to miss you, the key is to make your time with her memorable. When you’re apart, this gives her something to really think about. It isn’t about mind tricks. It’s simply about being someone worth missing.

Final words

Partners who love each other should naturally miss each other when they’re apart. But if you feel that your partner doesn’t crave you the way you would want them to, these five strategies could point you in the right direction. Sometimes we need to plan and deliberately create the outcomes we want in our relationships.

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