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I just checked a friend’s Instagram story and saw them advertising a gift hamper with the caption “for your Daddys and you zaddys”. 

Well, I couldn’t just let an opportunity for a good conversation pass, so I asked them. “I know Daddy, but who is zaddy?” That set off a whole conversation about why men like to be called daddy even when they are nothing close to your father. 

When it comes to sex, most of us have a freaky side. We may look cool and diplomatic outside, but we know how to play in the bedroom. Maybe not 50 shades of grey kind of play, but a few kinky moves may find their way into our sexual lives.

So, of all things, why daddy? Why do men like to be called daddy? Nothing about this sexual term connects to a father figure; just like when I call my partner baby, I’m never actually thinking of an actual tiny baby.

Here’s why guys like being called daddy.

1. Dominance

The first time I heard about dominance, I thought it was an extreme form of sexual activity; with good reason. 

Dominance is the D in BDSM; bondage and discipline, dominance/submission, sadism-masochism. BDSM refers to aspects of sex that include dominance, control, and submission. 

Contrary to popular opinion that people who enjoy BDSM have suffered sexual trauma of some sort, studies show that people who prefer dominant roles in sex are usually well-adjusted individuals, confident in their sexuality.

BDSM might have a more advanced level of dominance at play. If a man asks you to call him daddy during sex, it could be a desire to feel dominant in the relationship. He wants to feel in control, and you calling him daddy is an affirmation that you recognize him being in charge. 

Obliging and playing along also indicates your consent and submission to him. Your man has taken responsibility for your pleasure and satisfaction. Think about a father making sure that his daughter gets what she wants. 

So, the next time your man asks, “who’s your daddy?” during sex, go ahead and butter him up. 

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2. It makes him feel like you trust him

When you call someone daddy, you’re saying, “I have faith in your abilities” This could be sexual abilities or, in some cases, material; for women who date older men, this may apply.

Feeling like you trust him is a confidence booster, and he might up his game to make you even happier. 

You’re like the hype woman to your man. Calling him daddy and other terms like “tiger, etc.” is just the appellation he needs to know that you trust him. 

3. Sexual exploration

There’s a reason why the internet is saturated with resources on how to have thrilling sex. 

Books like Kamasutra have remained a classic, and BDSM is more common than we’d like to think. Sex is an area that holds a lot of mystery, even though there is information about it everywhere.

Sometimes the idea of calling a man daddy is his way of exploring in the bedroom. Testing his prowess, trying something new, and spicing things up in the bedroom.

Being called daddy may be the first step into a new world of sexual fantasies or a continuation of a ritual your man enjoys. 

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4. He wants to communicate with you

Communication is vital in the bedroom. Being able to say and show your response to sexual acts can be empowering, and for the man, it tells him that he’s on his A-game.

Calling your man daddy is a verbal expression and validation for him that you enjoy being with him. If all you do is moan during sex, maybe he wants you to communicate more.

What’s my name? “Daddy”

Who’s your daddy? “You are”

Say it. Don’t be shy. Communication empowers both partners because you feel more confident to ask for whatever your sexual needs are. As long as you’re both safe and consenting.

5. He wants to feel powerful

Wanting to exhibit control in the bedroom is an indicator of power play. You relinquish your power when you do as your man says. No questions asked. 

Relationships always involve power play; sometimes, the highest show of power for a man is being able to give his partner mind-blowing orgasms. 

When you call your man daddy, you’re giving him the power to lead, even if it is only at that moment. The excitement of power is not just for the man but also the woman. Women love powerful men.

Something about a powerful man is attractive, and you enjoy the benefits of being with a powerful man. He takes care of your needs. You are his responsibility, and he will do anything to please you.

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6. He wants you to feel like a girl 

If there’s a daddy, there must be a girl. Men love to be called daddy because when you call them daddy, you are claiming your girliness and your need to be taken care of.

Sometimes your man needs you to step back from being an independent woman and become a shy little girl eager to please her “daddy”.

7. He wants you to let your guard down

If there’s one thing you need to absolutely do during intimacy and sex, you need to relax. Let your guard down. Be in the moment and let your body respond to your man. 

Sometimes playing with “daddy” is a way to let you feel playful and have fun in the bedroom.

Because when you let your guard down, foreplay and everything else is a sweet jolly ride.

8. It enhances the mood

When you play along with your partner and call him daddy, it lightens the mood. The atmosphere gets charged up.

Gone are the days when sex felt like an obligation or a means for procreation. Women are not the property of their men required to open their legs and just receive.

Women are sexual beings and men get the best out of their women when they bring her along on the ride.

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9. He doesn’t succumb to traditional notions about sex

It is liberating to enjoy a sexual relationship that is not bound by traditional notions of what is taboo and unacceptable. If we followed all those perceptions, we’d probably have vanilla sex every day of our lives.

There’s nothing wrong with vanilla sex, but other flavors may open you up to a whole new world.

10. It’s a term of endearment

When someone whispers “daddy,” it’s not just a word; it’s an emotion, a form of affection that transcends the ordinary.

For many guys, being called “daddy” is akin to being recognized as a protector, a figure of strength and reliability. It’s more than a nickname; it’s a title that embodies trust and care.

In relationships, such terms of endearment are powerful, as they forge a unique connection between partners. They’re not just words; they encapsulate feelings of warmth, security, and intimacy.

The charm of being called “daddy” lies in its ability to make a man feel valued and respected. In a world where masculinity often comes with tough exteriors, this term pierces through the facade, reaching a more vulnerable and caring part of their identity.

It’s a reminder that their presence is not only desired but also cherished.

For many men, hearing this term from their partner is a subtle yet profound acknowledgment of their role in the relationship – a role that combines strength with tenderness, authority with affection.

11. The Playful and Fun Aspect

There’s also a playful and fun side to being called “Daddy.” It can add a lighthearted, teasing element to a relationship, keeping things exciting and fresh.

Nicknames like “Daddy” often comes into play during flirtatious moments, adding a playful twist to their interactions. It’s not always serious; sometimes, it’s just about having fun and enjoying a unique aspect of their relationship.


So now that you have this information, you may be tempted to start throwing the word “daddy” around to make your man feel like a king. Slow your roll. There’s more you should know.

If you know your man likes being called daddy, go on and call him that, unless you have objections. Some women feel uncomfortable with this term because it has been said to relate to “daddy issues”. If you’re one of those people, be released from this myth. 

There’s no research backing this up; there’s no actual definition for daddy issues. Even if your man has similar features as your father, he is not your daddy. 

Maybe you’re just not into this kind of role-play and name-calling kind of thing.

If you’re not sure your man likes being called daddy, you need to communicate with him before dropping the word on him during sex. 

Wondering how to use “daddy” in your relationship?

Use it in flirting. The term is not confined to the bedroom; you can incorporate it during flirting, which helps you determine your partner’s vibes. If he’s responding positively, then you know he likes it.

Use daddy to exert your own power. Your man loves to be in control, no doubt about that, but when you are the one setting the agenda, you have power too. Calling him daddy is like telling him what you’re ready for. 

He just must take it on from there.

There are some moments when “daddy” is a big no. 

Imagine being at a family reunion with your parents and partner, you call your partner daddy, and then your real daddy turns around. Definitely, no. Calling your partner daddy in public might cause him to feel embarrassed.

Of course, you can whisper in his ear, make a teasing game out of it, and he can’t wait to make love to you when you get home. However, as a rule, do not call him daddy in public.

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