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So, you’ve been with your partner for 10 whole years now. That’s a decade of laughter, tears, shared dreams, little disagreements, and tons of love. 

You’ve built a life together, created countless memories, and grown in ways you never thought possible. 

But there’s just one thing that’s been bothering you – he hasn’t popped the question yet. Why hasn’t he asked you to marry him?

This question can be a hard one to grapple with, especially when you feel you’re ready for that next step. 

You start questioning yourself, your partner, and the relationship. 

It’s natural to feel confused, frustrated, or even a bit sad. You love him, and you know he loves you, so what’s holding him back?

We’re going to explore several reasons why your man might be hesitating to kneel down and present that sparkly ring after ten years.

1. A Deep-Seated Fear of Commitment

Have you ever thought that perhaps, beneath the surface, there is a lurking dread of final commitment? 

Fear of commitment can be an underlying reason. It’s not that he doesn’t love you or isn’t devoted to you, but the idea of an unchangeable commitment can be incredibly intimidating for some. 

It’s like being asked to make a permanent decision about the rest of your life, which, in all fairness, can be a bit overwhelming.

Interestingly, this fear often stems from past experiences. Maybe he witnessed a disastrous marriage in his family when he was younger. 

Maybe he saw his parents, aunts, uncles, or older siblings go through bitter divorces. Or, perhaps he has had a failed marriage himself, which can significantly heighten the fear of commitment. 

These past experiences can leave deep scars, making it difficult for him to take the plunge again.

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2. Contentment in the Status of Your Relationship

why won't he marry me after 10 years

Sometimes, the answer lies in the old adage: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Some people find immense comfort in the status quo. They don’t feel the need to change anything. 

You both love each other, you’re together, so why fix something that’s not broken?

For him, the life you’re leading now might be just perfect. He has you, he has the relationship, and everything feels comfortable. 

Marriage, for some, is just a piece of paper or a societal convention that doesn’t add to the essence of the bond that you two share. For him, love might transcend the boundaries of social norms and traditions.

Not to mention, he may also value the autonomy and independence that comes with dating. 

Even though you’ve been together for a long time, there’s a certain flexibility that comes with not being married. Some people highly cherish this freedom and feel that marriage might pose a threat to it.

3. Financial Uncertainties

Often, the decision to not get married revolves around financial insecurities. 

Marriage isn’t just an emotional commitment; it’s also a financial one. From the cost of the wedding to future financial planning, the monetary aspect can’t be overlooked.

There’s a chance he might be dealing with financial instability. Debts, loans, lack of a steady income, or simply not being where he wants to be financially can all contribute to him not feeling ready for marriage. 

He might want to provide for you, to make sure that he’s financially stable before he commits to a lifetime together.

And as well, the pressure of a wedding can be significant. The social expectation of a grand celebration with hundreds of guests and expensive rings can be daunting. 

If he’s worried about finances, the idea of a big wedding might be overwhelming.

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4. Lingering Doubts About Compatibility

Why he won't propose after 10 years

No matter how long you’ve been together, doubts about compatibility can creep in. These aren’t doubts about love, but more about living together for a lifetime. 

Can you face the challenges that come your way? Will your love stand the test of time and tribulations?

Over time, certain behaviors or habits might have surfaced that he perceives as red flags for your long-term compatibility. 

Perhaps there are unresolved arguments, differences in life goals, or perhaps, contrasting viewpoints on critical topics like children, religion, or where to live.

Then there’s also the potential that he doubts his compatibility with the concept of marriage itself. Some people genuinely feel that they are not ‘marriage material’. They may love you deeply but are not in love with the idea of marriage.

5. Emotional Baggage

He may have gone through a previous relationship that ended badly or a broken engagement that left him scarred. Such experiences can create strong negative associations with marriage. 

The mere thought of walking down the aisle again could trigger memories he’d rather forget. And it’s understandable; nobody wants to relive a painful past.

What makes it worse is when these past experiences are not discussed openly. The emotional baggage is then carried forward into the current relationship, subtly influencing decisions. 

Facing these emotions and dealing with past hurts is necessary, albeit challenging. Emotional baggage can’t just be ignored; it needs to be acknowledged, understood and worked through. 

Doing so can often help eliminate the blocks preventing him from considering marriage.

6. Influence of Friends and Peer Groups

Most people don’t think about this, but friends play a significant role in shaping our views on relationships and marriage. 

If most of his friends are single or have negative views about marriage, there’s a good chance those ideas might influence him too. Similarly, friends going through rough patches in their marriages could also deter him from proposing.

Peer pressure can be a tricky thing. While it may not directly cause his hesitation, it can plant seeds of doubt. And these doubts, when left unaddressed, can grow into a significant roadblock to marriage.

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7. He’s Simply Not Ready Yet

Why he doesn't want to get married after 10 years.

We must acknowledge a simple, undeniable possibility: perhaps he’s not ready yet. We all move at our own pace, don’t we? 

Even after ten years, he might still need some time to sort through his feelings and thoughts about marriage.

Marriage is a significant life decision, and everyone reaches that point of readiness at different times. It’s not about the number of years spent together but about mental and emotional readiness. 

He might love you deeply but might still be navigating his thoughts about being tied down forever.

It’s also worth considering that he might have personal goals or milestones he wants to reach before taking the plunge. 

Career progression, financial stability, or even personal growth – these could all be things he wants to achieve before feeling ready for marriage.

8. He Could Be Stringing You Along

Perhaps he enjoys the comfort, companionship, or even the benefits the relationship offers, without having the intention to commit further.

Stringing along can also be a sign of indecisiveness. He may be unsure about what he wants from the relationship, or from life in general, and in the meantime, he’s keeping you in his life as he figures things out. 

This situation might not be fair to you, especially if marriage is a non-negotiable aspect of your future.


These reasons can help us understand why he might be hesitant to take the next step. But more importantly, you need to talk to him about your expectations and desires for the future. 

Because love isn’t just about understanding, it’s about being understood too. 

Marriage is a mutual decision, and it’s fundamental that when the time comes, you’re both ready and willing to say ‘I do’.

Why do some people hesitate to commit to marriage?

Commitment, especially in the form of marriage, can often feel intimidating due to the permanence it suggests. 

This hesitation can come from various sources, including past experiences with failed relationships or marriages, fear of the future, or concerns about the sacrifices and changes that come with marriage. 

Financial pressures linked with marriage can also cause significant stress, leading some to avoid the commitment.

On a deeper level, some individuals may struggle with personal insecurities or feel they are not yet where they’d like to be in life before getting married. They might want to achieve certain personal or professional milestones before tying the knot. 

It’s important to have sincere discussions about these fears and hesitations to understand your partner’s perspective better and address any issues that might be holding them back.

Does the length of a relationship determine readiness for marriage?

Contrary to popular belief, the length of a relationship does not necessarily correlate with readiness for marriage. It’s not about the number of years spent together, but rather about emotional, financial, and personal readiness. 

Some couples might be ready to take the plunge after just a year together, while others may take a decade.

It’s about understanding and respecting each other’s pace, values, goals, and timelines. It’s also important to consider individual maturity, the strength of the relationship, mutual understanding, and shared life goals when thinking about marriage. 

Instead of focusing on the time spent together, focus on the quality of your relationship and your shared vision of the future.

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Can a man love you and not want to marry you?

Love and marriage are related, but they aren’t always aligned. 

Marriage is a legal institution that comes with its own set of expectations and responsibilities, and not everyone is comfortable with these aspects. 

Some individuals might prefer to express their love and commitment in other ways that don’t involve the formalities and legalities of marriage.

It’s also possible that past experiences or deep-seated fears around marriage are causing hesitations, despite the love he has for you. 

Why won’t my boyfriend propose after 10 years?

Several reasons might be preventing your boyfriend from proposing, even after a decade together. 

Personal fears, past experiences, financial concerns, or even the influence of friends and peer groups could be impacting his decision. 

It could also simply be that he’s not ready yet, or he may be comfortable with the current state of the relationship and doesn’t see the need to change anything.

The best approach is to talk with him about your future together. Try to understand his perspective and explain your feelings and expectations clearly.

It’s important to reach a mutual understanding and respect each other’s feelings.

Should you leave if he won’t marry you?

The decision to leave a relationship is highly personal and should be based on a variety of factors, not just the desire for marriage.

If marriage is a deal-breaker for you and your partner is unwilling to commit, then you might consider ending the relationship. However, it’s important to discuss your expectations and desires openly before making such a decision.

Remember, a healthy, fulfilling relationship is built on mutual respect, love, and shared values. 

If these elements are present in your relationship, it might be worth exploring why marriage is so important to you and whether there are other ways your partner can show commitment. 

How do you know he will never marry you?

Predicting someone’s actions with certainty is impossible, but some signs might indicate he doesn’t plan on marrying you. 

These could include consistently avoiding discussions about the future, showing discomfort or indifference when the topic of marriage is brought up, or outright expressing that he does not want to get married.

Only through understanding each other’s perspectives can you determine whether your vision of the future aligns.

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