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If a girl sees you as just a friend, she will not feel excited or pressured to look attractive to you.

But if she likes you and wants to be more than friends, then she wants you to notice her. And she’s going to make moves to make you notice that she’s someone you’ll want to be more than friends with.

But how do you spot these moves?

For instance, if you notice that a lady puts in extra effort to look her best when she knows she’s going to see you, often fixing her hair, that’s a big sign that she wants you to notice her and be attracted to her beyond just friendship.

That said, if you notice these nine other signs, know she wants to be more than just friends with you.

1. She goes beyond surface-level questions

Women want to form emotional connections with men because it is what drives their attraction — be it physically, mentally, or sexually.

They want to know how you can feel their need for deep emotional connection, and one of the ways they do this is by going beyond the surface level, casual questions like, “How is your day going?

What’s your favorite color? Or “What are your plans this week?” These are for normal friends.

When she wants to be more than just friends, she goes deeper. She asks questions that have to do with who you are as an individual.

For instance, she may ask questions about your family, your likes and dislikes, what your past relationships were like, etc.

And she asks these types of questions because she’s interested in you and wants to understand how you look at life.

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2. Uncontrollably avoids your gaze

signs she wants something more than friendship

This is especially true with a woman when she likes to look at you when you’re looking away but yet finds it difficult to make eye contact when she’s with you.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of someone you find really cut and for a moment can’t think straight because you’re nervous? It happens to everyone.

When she’s feeling those butterflies and doesn’t know what to say or think, it becomes difficult for her to look you in the eyes.

When we are very attracted to someone, we find it difficult to hold their gaze especially when they are still strangers to us.

3. Acts of service

If you’re having a busy day, she willingly goes out of her way to bring you coffee or anything to cool off.

When she calls you and asks about your day and you say “It’s not going too well,” she offers to help because she wants to take some burden off your plate.

In his book 5 Love Languages, Garry Chapman calls these kind gestures “Acts of service.” And according to Garry, when a woman is interested in you, she wants to help you with whatever she can.

It could be something related to your passion. If, for instance, you’re an entrepreneur and you need to find some network of attorneys or marketers, she’s going to help you get them if she has the connections.

But why go through all the stress for you? Because she sees you as a priority and wants to impress you.

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4. She gives you hints on her status

As long as she’s not needy or addicted to being in relationships, if a girl is always finding ways to let you know she’s single, it’s a great sign she wants you to know she’s available for you. Without words, she’s saying, “Hey! I’m single, and I’ll like you to help me change that.”

5. She wants to know your status

This is one of the surest hints. For the most part, you don’t just randomly ask an ordinary friend, “Hey, by the way, are you single?”

If she tries to find out ways to know if you’re single or not, it’s a sign she wants to be with you. This is especially true if she mentions she’s single and then tries to find out if you are single.

It’s like she’s indirectly saying “Hey, we should not be single together.”

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6. “We should be together”

she wants to be more than friends

When you’re together, she says things like “We are such a really good team.” Or, “We have so much in common.” She can be a little more obvious, “We are really good together.”

When she says these things frequently, she doesn’t mean it as “friends.” She says it because she’s thinking of you guys as a couple and she’s hoping that you also see your relationship as more than just friendship.

7. She likes to get physical with you

She probably won’t make the first move to kiss you early on (but if she does, that’s your answer) probably because she doesn’t want to appear too direct or wants to just take her time.

But one of the best ways to gauge a woman’s attraction towards you is how she interacts with you through her body language.

Is she always finding a way to get closer to you or touch you? Does she like to caress your arm and compliment new things that you have on?

One thing about humans is that when we truly feel something, our body language says it often before we can consciously comprehend it.

If you notice these signs, it’s a sign that she’ll like to be around you more often.

8. She might lose her cool around you

When you think someone’s cute, you might lose your cool around them a bit. She may stutter around you or almost walk into walls.

She may drop things, miss words, or talk a little flustered. These awkward behaviors are only normal when someone feels too self-conscious around you.

This sign is especially true if you notice that there are certain behaviors she only exhibits around you.

Maybe she’s super relaxed and chilled with other friends, but when she’s around you, she suddenly begins to miss words.

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9. The sign that shows interest

Do you know that butterfly feeling in your stomach that makes you super excited and nervous all at the same time? Well, for girls, it often causes them to giggle.

And if you notice she giggles a lot when she’s with you, it’s a great sign she wants to spend more time around you.

Of course, not every woman is going to show all of these signs. But for a lot of women, giggling is a very good sign.

A giggle is different from a laugh, and when you see it, you can assume it’s a sign of uncontrollable excitement.

Final words

Of course, all nine of these signs don’t need to happen before you finally make a move on the girl if you like her.

Take a few of these signs, and most importantly, pay attention to how the woman is showing up for you. And if you’re also interested in her, then it’s time to stop being just friends with her.

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