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In relationships, we all want clarity. Meaning, we want to know where we stand with our partner. Why?

It’s the peace of mind that comes from knowing that makes us trust them. And this trust, in turn, morphs into deep love and acceptance. This is how long lasting love and strong relationships are built. 

But when you have a relationship where your man doesn’t know what he wants but still won’t let you go, that’s confusing and frustrating, to say the list. 

And this is even worse if you are ready to move forward, but your partner is sending mixed signals

The truth is, there are reasons why some guys might find themselves in this in-between space, unsure about the future but unwilling to let you go in the present; here are eight of them. 

1. He’s Afraid of Being Alone

You’d think that in a world of billions, being alone wouldn’t be such a big deal. But for many, the idea of solitude is paralyzing. 

Sometimes, a person may not be sure about their feelings or the future of a relationship, but the terror of facing life without a partner is much worse. 

This fear can make them hang onto something, even when they’re uncertain about it.

Let’s be real. Being single has its perks. You get to decide what movie to watch, which restaurant to go to, and how to spend your weekends. 

But the emotional security that comes from a relationship is incomparable. It’s the safety net that assures you there’s someone who’s got your back. So, when he says he’s not sure about what he wants but still won’t let you go, it might be because he’s afraid of losing that emotional anchor.

However, this fear isn’t always a conscious one. Many times, it lurks in the background, silently dictating our actions. 

Before you know it, you’re stuck in a cycle, where neither of you wants to take the bold step into the unknown – be it moving forward together or walking separate paths.

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2. Attachment vs. Love

he doesn't know what he wants but won't let me go

Just because someone is attached doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in love. Attachments are like habits; they can be hard to break, even if they’re not always healthy.

Think of that old shirt you have in your closet. You know, the one that’s worn out and doesn’t quite fit anymore, but you can’t seem to throw it away? Sometimes, relationships can feel like that. 

There’s comfort in the familiar, even if it doesn’t serve us well.

It’s not easy to differentiate between love and attachment. Love is about wanting the best for the other person, even if it means letting them go. 

Attachment, on the other hand, is more about satisfying personal needs and desires. It’s more selfish in nature. So, if he’s holding on even when he’s unsure, he might be more attached than in love.

3. Fear of Regret

Regret is a powerful emotion. It’s the constant “what if” that plays in our heads, making us second-guess our decisions. 

No one wants to look back and feel they made a mistake, especially when it comes to relationships. So, there’s always this looming fear: what if I let her go and realize she was the one?

This sort of thinking can be paralyzing. It can lead to staying in a situation longer than necessary, hoping that clarity will suddenly strike. 

The irony is, the more you stay stuck in indecision, the more you rob yourself of the chance to find out what could truly make you happy.

Remember that time you passed up on an opportunity because you weren’t sure, and later you kicked yourself for it? 

Relationships can feel that way. Holding onto something or someone because of the fear of regret can be more about avoiding pain than genuinely valuing the connection.

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4. External Pressures

Let’s face it. Society has a way of pushing its own agenda on our lives. The pressure to conform, to fit into neat boxes, can be overwhelming. 

“Why haven’t you settled down yet?” “When are you two getting married?” “Don’t you want a family?” These questions can be relentless and influence decisions in relationships.

Maybe he’s holding on because he’s trying to meet someone else’s expectations. Parents, friends, colleagues – everyone seems to have an opinion on how relationships should progress. 

And sometimes, it’s easier to stick to what’s expected than to truly introspect and understand one’s feelings.

5. He Loves The Familiarity You Give Him

When he doesn't know what he wants but likes you

When two people have been together for a while, they build a life, routines, and habits around each other. Changing that dynamic can be daunting.

Imagine you’ve been following a particular path in a forest for years. One day, you’re told there might be a better route, but it’s through uncharted territory. Would you take the risk? 

Relationships are no different. There’s a fear of the unknown, of starting afresh, and of rebuilding one’s life.

The routines, the shared memories, and even the quirks that once annoyed you become a comforting backdrop of your life. 

Breaking away from that can seem like an uphill task. So, if he doesn’t know what he wants but isn’t letting go, it could be the sheer inertia of comfort pulling him back.

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6. Fear of Hurting You

No one wants to be the ‘bad guy’, especially when it comes to ending relationships. There’s a possibility he’s genuinely concerned about your feelings and doesn’t want to hurt you. 

So, even though he’s in a dilemma about his feelings, he might hold onto the relationship, thinking it’s the lesser of two evils.

Holding onto the relationship, in this case, might be his way of trying to shield you (and himself) from the pain of a breakup.

6. He’s Not Ready for Commitment

Let’s be honest; not everyone is cut out for commitment, at least not at every stage of their life. 

Maybe he likes what you both share, but the idea of committing might feel like tying a noose around his neck. And that’s not necessarily because he doesn’t care about you.

Commitment comes with its set of expectations and responsibilities. Perhaps previous experiences left him wary, or he just enjoys the current freedom without the title of “committed relationship.” 

7. He Enjoys the Chase

The thrill of the chase is intoxicating. It’s the adrenaline rush, the excitement of pursuit, and the challenge that many find irresistible. 

Maybe he enjoys the game more than the prize. And hey, it’s not just about playing games; sometimes, it’s about feeling alive, desired, and keeping things exciting.

But here’s the thing. The chase has a shelf life. It can’t go on forever. There comes a point where the lines between genuine interest and playing a game blur. 

While it’s fun and exhilarating in the beginning, it can lead to fatigue and confusion in the long run.

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8. Fear of Vulnerability

Being vulnerable is like standing naked in a room full of people. It’s exposing your true self, warts and all, to someone else. And that can be terrifying. 

It’s possible that he’s been hurt before, and the scars of the past hold him back from opening up completely. Or perhaps, he’s just not used to letting someone in.

Being vulnerable means letting go of control. It means admitting flaws, fears, and insecurities. It’s about sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

And not everyone is ready for that level of openness. But vulnerability is also the foundation of deep, meaningful connections. Without it, a relationship can only go so far.

Building trust takes time. It’s a gradual process where both parties feel safe enough to let their guard down. Being patient, understanding, and providing a safe space can encourage him to open up.

What To Do When He Doesn’t Know What He Wants But Won’t Let You Go

What To Do When He Doesn't Know What He Wants, But Won't Let You Go

1. Reflect on What YOU Want

First things first, let’s put him aside for a moment and focus on you. It’s so easy to get caught up in someone else’s uncertainties that you forget about your own feelings. 

What do you truly want? Are you okay with waiting, or is the uncertainty causing more harm than good? Sometimes, the best clarity comes from introspection.

Before making any decisions or having any conversations, spend some time alone. Journal, meditate, or just take a walk in the park. 

Tuning into your feelings will not only help you understand what you’re going through but also give you the strength to face what lies ahead.

2. Open Up a Dialogue

Approach the situation with understanding and empathy, but also with assertiveness. Let him know how his indecisiveness affects you. 

Remember, this isn’t about blame, but about expressing feelings and finding a way forward.

Sometimes, a simple conversation can clear misunderstandings. Maybe he’s unaware of how you feel, or perhaps there’s something deeper bothering him. 

Either way, talking can pave the way to resolution. But always remember, it’s essential to listen as much as you speak. Only then will you get the full picture.

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3. Consider Taking a Break

Taking a break doesn’t mean giving up. Sometimes, a little distance can provide the clarity you both need. It’s like stepping back from a painting to see the whole picture. 

While the idea might seem daunting, it can help both of you reflect on your feelings and decide on the best course of action.

A break isn’t about seeing other people or moving on; it’s about introspection. 

Use this time to focus on personal growth, understand what you want from a relationship, and determine whether this partnership aligns with your goals. 

When you reconvene, both of you will be better equipped to make informed decisions.

4. Decide If You Can Stay With Him Or You Want to Move On

This is perhaps the toughest call to make, but also the most crucial. 

At some point, you’ll need to decide whether this relationship aligns with your long-term happiness and well-being. 

Staying in limbo is emotionally exhausting, and you deserve clarity, peace, and love.

Taking stock of your feelings is essential. Ask yourself: Can you handle the uncertainty for much longer? Do the joyful moments in the relationship outweigh the doubts and confusions? 

It might be helpful to list out the pros and cons, not just of the relationship, but of how you feel within it. Sometimes, the answer lies in understanding your own boundaries and levels of patience.

What are the signs a guy doesn’t know what he wants?

When a guy is unsure about what he wants, his behavior tends to be inconsistent. One day he might be incredibly attentive, showering you with affection, and the next, he might be distant or aloof. 

These unpredictable mood swings can often leave you feeling like you’re on a rollercoaster. Another clear sign is his inability to make future plans or commitments. 

If he’s evasive when it comes to discussions about the future, whether it’s planning a holiday or defining the relationship, it’s a hint he’s uncertain about his feelings or the direction of the relationship.

In addition, he might avoid deep, meaningful conversations. Instead of discussing feelings, future plans, or personal aspirations, he might keep conversations light and casual. 

If he’s continually changing the subject or hesitating to share his feelings, it can indicate a level of unease or uncertainty about where things stand or where they’re heading.

What if he doesn’t know what he wants but likes you?

When a guy likes you but doesn’t know what he wants, it can be a confusing situation. It means that he genuinely enjoys your company, feels a connection, and is attracted to you. 

However, for some reason—maybe past relationship trauma, current life situations, or personal fears—he’s unable to decide on the kind of relationship he wants with you.

It’s essential to understand that his feelings for you and his indecision are two separate issues. 

While he might truly care about you, he might be grappling with internal struggles that prevent him from committing. 

It’s like wanting to buy a beautiful house but being unsure if you can handle the mortgage. The house is perfect, but other factors come into play.

What about when he won’t commit, but still won’t let you go?

This scenario can be particularly challenging. On one hand, he’s not ready to take the next step and commit, and on the other, he’s unwilling to let you go, possibly because he enjoys the connection, comfort, and benefits of the relationship. 

The reasons for this could be myriad: fear of commitment, past relationship baggage, or even external pressures from family or society.

Such a situation often requires clear communication. Express your feelings, and let him know where you stand. A relationship involves two individuals, and your feelings and desires are just as valid. 

If he’s unwilling to commit, but also unwilling to let go, it’s essential to determine if this dynamic works for you or if you need to make a decision about what’s best for your emotional well-being.

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