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“How do I create desire in a man?” 

It is one of the most asked questions in the world. A simple google search will give you not less than 388,000,000 responses in a nanosecond. 

How to create desire in a man? How to make a man desire you? Millions of people are asking.

The sexual desire of a man is a coveted prize that every woman seeks from her man. Sexual desire makes the world stop. Kings have fallen because women used their desires as a weapon.

Getting a guy’s attention at the start of dating is probably easier. Let’s say you meet at a restaurant and want him to notice you; your body language, eye contact, and smile are powerful weapons for ‘mass attraction’. 

Creating a lasting desire, on the other hand, takes another level of creativity and persistence. Although some of these are common strategies, you must take them up a notch.

Here are seven ways to create desire in a man.

1. Make the first move

Some women may not agree with this, but hear me out. 

In a study, several men stated that they love it when their women initiate sex. I know it’s true because my partner has asked me several times, “Why don’t you ever initiate sex? Don’t you desire me?” Ah, it broke my heart to hear him say that, but that’s probably what many men think.

Whether with sex or going on the first date, men feel desired when women make the first move. It is an affirmation that they are wanted, and that fires up the desire in them.

Now, making a move on a man doesn’t necessarily mean that you walk up to him and woo him. Rather, it’s about leaving clues. Clues that let him know that you find him desirable. The most seductive women understand this perfectly. 

2. Take care of yourself

Here’s the secret about self-care: 

When you engage in acts of self-care, you are gifting yourself twice. You feel good within yourself, and the overflow of that feeling is experienced by the people around you. They, in turn, show love because you are giving them the best of you.

Go to the spa, exercise, get yourself some new lingerie, and indulge in some things you love- chocolates. 

The feeling of revitalization makes you happier and gives you a more positive outlook on life. Men cannot resist an attractive woman who knows how to hold her own and is unafraid to invite people into her world.

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3. Use your scents

My partner is attracted to sweet scents. He often tells me that when I travel, sometimes he just takes my clothes and inhales the smell to feel my presence. 

The first time we met, he told me he could identify a particular scent on me. That was when I knew I could easily seduce my man with a good smell so I started wearing signature scents that he could not miss.

With most men, it’s the same. Get yourself looking good, bring out the curves, put on a scent, and intentionally walk by where he can see and smell you. Add a smile, and it’s a done deal.

4. Flirt 

Flirting never grows old. To create desire in a man, flirt like your orgasm depends on it (because it literally does). Send suggestive texts and pictures showing him a peek of what you’re wearing.

You need to have some confidence to flirt in this way with your man. And he will love it.

5. Be fun and spontaneous

If you’re like me, fun and spontaneity are not your forté. Every fiber in you wants to plan everything, be prim and proper. You must make an extra effort on this one.

Touch your man sensually at random times. Go on an unplanned night out and go dancing. Let things get heated up even while you’re out.

You won’t have to say much when you get home.

6. Use your words

Sometimes when I’m with my friends, I get the sense that they want to say something, but instead of saying it, they’re grunting and “humphing”. Most times, I just tell them, “Use your words”! 

Then they start venting about something, and afterward, they feel better.

Most times, we forget the power of our words. Words can be an outlet for our emotions, can convey our wishes, and in this case, can create the atmosphere of love and desire that we want.

I would say “there’s power in the tongue”, but I don’t want to lose you to imaginations of sexual activity with the tongue, and other innuendoes, so let’s stick to this- your words have power. 

In a study, 88% of men indicated that they wished their partners were doing more to create a desire in them or show that they desire them, implying that most men do not experience feeling desired in their relationship.

Imagine for a second praising your man, paying him compliments, calling him some of his favorite names like “daddy”, just hearing those words might be an aphrodisiac to him.

The tips above should help women spice things up. A well-loved man is a confident man. Don’t let your man leave home feeling less than the king he is. 

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Yvonne Peters-Adzimah

Yvonne is passionate about ensuring that people live purposeful lives. She writes on topics of love, spirituality, healing from trauma, and personal growth. Yvonne holds a BA in Linguistics and an MA in Gender and Development. She loves to travel and spend time with her family.

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