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When someone really loves you, they often use words that show their feelings clearly. 

These words can make you feel special, supported, and important. In relationships, it’s not just about what people do; it’s also about what they say. 

Certain phrases can tell you a lot about how someone feels about you.

If you’re wondering whether he loves you, listening to the words he uses can be a big clue. 

Words have power, and the right words can make you feel secure and loved. 

This article will talk about 15 phrases that, when you hear them from him frequently, might mean he truly loves you.

We’ll explore each phrase and explain why these words are signs of deep affection and commitment.

1. “We’re in this together”

When a guy says, “We’re in this together,” it often means he’s really into you. He sees the two of you as a team, not just as individuals. 

This phrase suggests he’s committed to supporting you, whether you’re facing everyday tasks or bigger challenges in life. 

He’s telling you that no matter what happens, he won’t leave you to deal with things alone.

Hearing these words can be reassuring because it shows that he values your partnership. He’s ready to share responsibilities and joys alike. 

By using “we” instead of “I,” he’s including you in his future plans and decisions. That’s a big deal because it indicates he’s thinking about a life that involves both of you, not just his own path.

2. “I trust you”

man comforting his woman

When he says “I trust you,” it’s a big compliment. Trust is a key foundation of any strong relationship. 

It means he believes in your judgment and values your decisions. He’s comfortable being open and vulnerable with you, which is crucial for building a lasting connection. 

These words indicate that he respects you and feels secure in your relationship.

This expression of trust also shows that he’s open to being honest and transparent with you. 

He’s likely to share more about his thoughts and feelings, which can deepen your bond. 

When a man tells you he trusts you, he’s not just talking about simple things; he’s talking about trusting you with his emotions and his deeper fears and hopes.

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3. “I appreciate you”

Saying “I appreciate you” is a straightforward but powerful way to express love. 

It goes beyond just liking someone—it’s about valuing them as a person and acknowledging their positive impact on his life. 

When he tells you this, he’s noticing and cherishing the things you do, big or small, and he wants you to know that they matter to him.

This appreciation can make you feel valued and loved, creating a positive cycle in your relationship. 

It encourages you to continue being your best self around him because you know he recognizes and values your efforts. 

It’s not just about appreciating what you do for him; it’s about appreciating who you are. That kind of recognition can make you feel truly special and deeply connected to him.

4. “You make me happy”

When a guy tells you, “You make me happy,” he’s really saying you’re a big part of his joy. 

Happiness is a huge component of love, and acknowledging your role in his happiness shows he values your presence in his life deeply. 

He enjoys your company, and the good times you share mean a lot to him.

Expressing happiness also shows he’s comfortable sharing his emotions with you. 

A man who can tell you about the things that bring him joy is open and connected with his feelings.

5. “Let’s plan for the future”

couple in agreement

When he says, “Let’s plan for the future,” take it as a sign he sees a long-term potential with you. 

Planning together means he’s serious about the relationship and sees you as part of his life for years to come. 

Whether it’s discussing upcoming vacations, housing arrangements, or long-term goals, these conversations show he’s committed.

Including you in his future plans means he not only hopes you’ll be there but also wants you to be a part of the decisions that affect both of your lives. 

This kind of talk can be exciting because it shows his willingness to merge his life with yours, suggesting a deep level of commitment and love.

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6. “I’m here for you”

Hearing “I’m here for you” can be very comforting. These words suggest that he’s supportive and willing to stand by you no matter what. 

Being there for someone means offering a shoulder to lean on during tough times and celebrating achievements during the good times. He’s essentially telling you that you’re not alone in whatever you face.

This support is vital in any loving relationship. A guy who tells you he’s there for you demonstrates his reliability and commitment. 

It’s his way of saying that whatever challenges may come, he will be right beside you, offering his support and strength when you need it most.

7. “You can talk to me”

a friendly man

When he says, “You can talk to me,” he’s inviting you to be open and honest with him. 

Communication is a cornerstone of any healthy relationship, and his encouragement to speak freely shows he values openness. 

He wants to know your thoughts and feelings, and he’s committed to understanding you better.

This invitation to communicate freely is a sign of trust and respect. He’s letting you know that your voice is important and that he’s willing to listen and engage with your experiences and emotions. 

A man who encourages open dialogue is looking to build a relationship based on mutual understanding and respect.

8. “You’re my best friend”

When a guy tells you, “You’re my best friend,” he’s sharing how much he values your relationship beyond just romance. 

Best friends are people we trust, have fun with, and turn to in tough times. By calling you his best friend, he shows that he loves not only being around you but also confiding in you and relying on you.

Having a strong friendship as the basis for your relationship means he enjoys your personality and your company. 

He wants you to know that you play a major role in his life, not just as a partner but as someone he truly enjoys spending time with, no matter the activity.

9. “I’m sorry”

Saying “I’m sorry” is more than just an apology; it’s an expression of his respect for you and your feelings. 

When he makes a mistake and says these words, he’s taking responsibility for his actions and showing that he cares about how they affect you. He doesn’t want unresolved issues between you two.

An apology can strengthen your bond because it involves honesty and vulnerability. 

A guy who can admit his faults and work to fix them values your feelings and wants to maintain a healthy relationship. 

This shows maturity and a commitment to making things right, which are important in any loving relationship.

10. “What do you think?”

man asking for woman's opinion

Asking for your opinion with “What do you think?” shows he respects your thoughts and values your input. 

When a guy genuinely wants to know what you think, it means your perspectives matter to him. 

This question can come up in anything from small decisions, like which movie to watch, to big life choices.

By seeking your advice, he’s telling you that he sees you as an equal partner whose opinions can influence his decisions. 

11. “Take your time”

Telling you to “Take your time” is a sign of patience and understanding. 

Whether you’re making a decision, working through your feelings, or needing space, he’s showing that he’s willing to wait for you. 

He respects your need for time and doesn’t pressure you to rush through your process.

This phrase reassures you that he’s in no hurry and wants you to feel comfortable at your own pace. 

Love isn’t rushed; it’s about giving each other the space to grow individually and as a couple. His patience demonstrates his commitment to being supportive and understanding as you navigate life together.

12. “You inspire me”

When a guy says, “You inspire me,” he’s telling you that you lift him up and motivate him to be a better person. 

Whether it’s your actions, your passion for your interests, or your approach to challenges, something about you sparks a desire in him to improve himself. This shows a deep level of admiration and respect for you.

Feeling inspired by someone you love is a powerful emotion. It means that he not only loves you but also sees you as a role model in certain ways. 

Sharing how you motivate him can deepen your connection and make you both feel more engaged in supporting each other’s growth.

13. “You’re important to me”

Hearing “You’re important to me” can make a big difference in how secure you feel in your relationship. 

These words emphasize that you hold a special place in his life and that he cherishes the relationship you have. 

He wants to make sure you understand your value to him, which is central in a loving and caring partnership.

Telling someone they are important is about recognizing their impact on your life. 

He’s acknowledging that his world is better because you’re in it, and he sees your happiness and well-being as a priority.

14. “Let’s work this out”

“Let’s work this out” is a phrase full of commitment. When disagreements or challenges arise, these words show his willingness to find solutions and navigate difficulties together. 

Rather than giving up when things get tough, he’s expressing a desire to tackle problems as a team.

Committing to work through issues together is a sign of a healthy relationship. It demonstrates that he values the relationship enough to fight for it, ensuring both of you can move forward together.

15. “You look great”

Saying “You look great” is a simple but effective way to boost your confidence and show his attraction to you. 

Compliments like this can make you feel appreciated and noticed. He’s not just talking about your physical appearance but is also appreciating the effort you put into looking your best.

A compliment about your looks from someone who loves you can feel especially meaningful. 

It’s a light, everyday way to reinforce his affection and to remind you that he finds you attractive just the way you are.

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