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Let’s get real, figuring out if a guy is about to ask you out can sometimes feel like trying to solve a riddle. The uncertainty can be exciting but also a bit nerve-wracking, right? 

After all, no one wants to misinterpret the signs or be caught off guard. So, how can you tell if he’s preparing to take your relationship to the next level?

Well, that’s exactly what this article is about. We’re going to unpack the telltale signs that indicate he’s gearing up to ask you out. 

There are clues to look for, patterns to understand, and signs that might indicate what’s coming next. 

These signs can be subtle, like the way he talks to you or the amount of time he spends with you. 

Or they can be more obvious like him showing an interest in the things you love or even making plans with you for the future. But sometimes, it’s not so straightforward.

We’ll dig into various behaviors, changes in the way he interacts with you, and subtle hints that could indicate his intentions.

1. A Notable Change in His Behaviour

When a man is about to ask you out, you might notice a significant change in his behavior. 

He becomes more attentive and shows more interest in your likes, dislikes, and overall daily life. 

He could be asking more questions about your personal preferences and taking a genuine interest in your stories. 

This shows he’s genuinely interested in knowing you better and possibly wants to take things a step further.

Beyond that, you might find that he becomes more protective or supportive than usual. Maybe he’s going out of his way to make sure you’re safe or trying to help you out in situations where he wouldn’t normally. 

It’s this subtle shift that hints he might want to be more than just a friend.

You might also notice a sense of nervousness in his behavior. This could be a sign that he’s wrestling with his feelings and possibly preparing himself to take the plunge and ask you out.

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2. He’s Actively Seeking One-on-One Time

Guy getting ready to ask girl out

He might start asking you to join him for a coffee break or offering to walk you home. 

And during these one-on-one encounters, he’s not just there physically but also emotionally present. 

He’s not scrolling through his phone or appearing distracted. Instead, he’s fully engaged in conversation with you, showing his interest and respect.

This is also the time when you notice his body language changing. He might lean in closer while you’re talking, maintain more eye contact, or use more open body language. 

These are all non-verbal signs he’s getting ready to ask you out.

3. A Surge in Compliments

An increase in compliments can be another sign he’s about to ask you out. He may start to notice and appreciate your traits that he previously overlooked. 

Whether it’s your sense of humor, your problem-solving skills, or your unique way of viewing the world, he’s picking up on your uniqueness and he’s not shy to point it out.

Yet, his compliments are not just about your physical attributes. He appreciates your intellect, your personality, and your values. 

These compliments are sincere and genuine, showing his admiration and respect for you as an individual.

Also, these compliments often come with a touch of subtleness and warmth, making them even more meaningful. They’re not overt or flashy, but since.

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4. He’s Interested in Your Relationship Status

signs he is getting ready to ask you out

He may casually ask about your past relationships or inquire if you’re currently seeing anyone. 

These questions, while they may seem casual, could be his way of determining if the coast is clear for him to make his move.

Not just that, he may also show a certain level of concern or disappointment when you talk about other men in your life. 

It’s not about jealousy, but rather an inherent wish to be the only significant man in your life.

He might also discuss his relationship status more openly with you. He wants to assure you that he’s available and interested in a possible relationship.

5. His Friends are Dropping Hints

Sometimes, his friends might be the ones giving you hints. If they start teasing him when you’re around or asking your opinion about him, it’s a likely sign that he’s shared his feelings for you with them. 

Friends often know our secrets and intentions, and they can inadvertently reveal them.

On top of that, they might start including you in their plans more often. He wants you to be a part of his social circle, which is a clear sign that he sees you as more than a friend.

They may also give you compliments that indirectly praise him. Saying things like, “You’re the kind of girl he likes,” or “He could use someone like you in his life,” can be subtle ways of pushing him towards asking you out.

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6. He’s Sharing More About His Personal Life

How to know he's ready to ask you to be his girlfriend

When a man is about to ask you out, he tends to open up more about his personal life. He might share stories from his childhood, his aspirations, his fears, and more. 

This is his way of letting you into his world and showing that he trusts you.

He also shows interest in your personal life. He wants to understand you better, your roots, your goals, and even your fears.

This can also extend to him sharing about his family and wanting to know more about yours. Discussing family matters is a clear sign that he’s thinking about a more serious relationship.

7. He Starts to Remember Small Details

Another sign you’ll notice if he’s getting ready to ask you out is that he’ll remember details about you like your favorite coffee order, the name of your childhood pet, or that random story you told them about your high school days.

He may also recall things from past conversations that even you forgot you mentioned or little changes about you like a new haircut or perfume. 

If he’s picking up on these things, it’s because he’s paying close attention to you.

This shows he’s not just listening to you, he’s absorbing every detail because he values your interactions.

8. The Flirting Amplifies

So you’ve been sharing laughs and exchanging friendly teases, but then things start to feel different. The friendly gists gradually shift towards more flirtatious exchanges. 

Sometimes he’s even more flirtatious when others are around. He’s not trying to hide the chemistry. On the contrary, he seems perfectly fine if others sense the connection too. 

This comfort and openness around others is another signal that he’s considering taking things to a different level.

But this shift isn’t just about playful conversations. He starts to compliment you more frequently and more intimately. 

It’s not just “nice shirt” anymore – it’s more personal, more appreciative. It feels like he’s seeing you – really seeing you. And when his compliments start to give you butterflies, that’s another indication that he’s building up to asking you out.

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9. He’s Suddenly into Your Interests

Is he suddenly curious about your weekend pottery classes or that YouTube channel you can’t stop raving about?

He wants to know more about you and what you love. This isn’t idle curiosity; it’s his way of connecting with you on a deeper level.

Don’t be surprised to find him joining you in your hobbies or introducing you to his passions. He’s willing to step out of his comfort zone to share experiences with you.

10. You Notice More Physical Touches

You might start noticing an increase in physical contact. It could be a casual touch on the arm or a friendly pat on the back. These gestures, though subtle, indicate he’s getting more comfortable around you and wants to express his feelings in a non-verbal way.

But, it’s not just about random touches here and there. You’d see him making sure you’re comfortable, be it adjusting the temperature when you’re cold or offering his jacket. 

Another thing that might catch your eye is his body language. Around you, he’s more relaxed, and his posture is more open. This comfort in your presence is a clear sign of his growing feelings for you.

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11. He’s Talking About the Future with You

Take note when he starts discussing future plans and you’re a part of them. It could be something as simple as discussing a book that’s releasing in a few months or making plans for a holiday together. 

What’s more, these plans aren’t just empty talks. He’s consulting you before making plans. 

He values your input and wants to ensure the plans align with your preferences. His consideration for your comfort and opinion is another pointer that he’s planning to take the next step.

And these future plans aren’t limited to vacations or outings. He’s also sharing his life goals and aspirations with you. 

It shows that he’s not only thinking about dating you but is considering a more significant relationship.

12. He’s Always Around

When a man is getting ready to ask you out, he’s more accessible than ever. He responds promptly to your texts and answers your calls. He wants to seize every chance to interact with you.

Not only is he available, but he’s also flexible. He’s willing to adjust his plans or schedule to fit you in. 

He may not neglect his life for you but he’ll put in the extra effort because he’s genuinely interested in you.

Plus, he’s proactively reaching out to you more often. An increase in calls or texts, even for the smallest things, shows he enjoys your company.


How Can I Be Sure He’s About to Ask Me Out?

Not everyone expresses their intentions in the same way. 

However, if you notice a combination of the signs discussed – like an increase in flirting, taking a keen interest in your activities, and making plans involving you – these are generally strong indicators that he might be ready to take the next step.

Sometimes, you can sense when someone is getting ready to ask you out based on your gut feelings. 

If you feel a change in the dynamics of your relationship, it might just be that he’s about to pop the question.

What Should I Do If I Notice These Signs?

If you start noticing these signs, and you’re also interested in dating this person, it might be helpful to reciprocate his actions. 

Engage in flirtation, express interest in his hobbies, and be open to plans. Show him that you’re comfortable with the way things are progressing.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to stay true to yourself and not feel pressured to act a certain way. 

Be natural and genuine in your responses. If he’s truly interested, he will appreciate you for who you are.

What If He Shows These Signs But Doesn’t Ask Me Out?

Sometimes a person may exhibit these signs but may not make the move to ask you out. 

There could be several reasons for this – maybe he’s unsure about your feelings towards him, or perhaps he’s nervous about rejection. 

If you’re comfortable with it, you could take the initiative to express your feelings or ask him out.

Or you could have a conversation about your relationship. Express how you’ve noticed a change in the dynamics and would like to understand his feelings.

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