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When someone you care about hurts you, it can feel like your whole world is turned upside down. 

You might feel sad, confused, and not sure what to do next. It’s normal to want the person who hurt you to understand how much they’ve made you suffer. 

Sometimes, talking face-to-face is hard, or you might not be ready for that yet. 

Sending a text can be a way to express your feelings and let them know they’ve hurt you.

This article is about crafting texts that can help you share your feelings with her. We’ve put together a bunch of messages that you can use as a guide. 

These texts are simple, but they’re powerful. They’re designed to make her think about her actions and how they’ve affected you. 

Remember, the goal isn’t to be mean but to help her understand your pain and maybe even start fixing things between you two.

Examples of Texts to Make Her Feel Guilty for Hurting You

Texts to Make Her Feel Guilty for Hurting You

1. “I never thought someone who meant so much to me could cause this much pain. My heart feels heavy with disappointment.”

2. “Never imagined you’d be the reason for my tears. Thought we understood each other better.”

3. “Remember when you promised never to hurt me? I keep thinking about that, wondering where things went wrong.”

4. “Every time I close my eyes, I see the moment you let me down. The hurt is deeper than you might realize.”

5. “I poured my heart into our relationship, only to have it shattered by actions I never expected from you.”

6. “Felt a pain I never knew existed until now. Hard to see someone I care so much about be the cause.”

7. “Every laugh we shared feels like a distant memory now. Can’t believe we’re at this point.”

8. “I keep replaying what happened, wishing things went differently. Feels like a part of me is lost.”

9. “You were the last person I thought could ever hurt me this way. It’s tough to accept.”

10. “The silence from you is louder than words. Makes me wonder if I ever really mattered to you.”

11. Waking up with a heavy heart every day, wishing you understood the depth of your actions.

12. “I gave my all, only to be left feeling empty. It’s a tough pill to swallow.”

13. “Never thought I’d have to question your intentions. The doubt is harder than I thought.”

14. “Looking back, I wish I could erase the pain. Hard to move on when the hurt is this deep.”

15. “I thought we had something special. Turns out, I was the only one who felt that way.”

16. “Seeing your name brings a mix of joy and sorrow now. Hard to forget how things have changed.”

17. “I’ve been trying to understand why, but it just hurts more each day. Miss the old us.”

18. “Felt like you were a part of me. Now, there’s just this void where you used to be.”

19. “I was there for you through everything. Can’t believe you chose to hurt me in return.”

20. “Every promise broken is another piece of my trust in you gone. Wish it didn’t have to be this way.”

21. I’ve spent countless nights wondering where things went wrong, replaying our conversations in my head, trying to understand how someone I cared for so deeply could leave me feeling so neglected and hurt. Your actions cut deeper than you might realize, leaving scars that are hard to heal.”

22. “Feeling hurt and betrayed, I wonder if the moments we shared meant as much to you as they did to me.”

23. “You once said you cared about my feelings, but your actions have left me questioning the truth of those words.”

24. “The sting of your actions lingers, leaving me to pick up the pieces of what I thought was a bond stronger than this.”

25. “The pain of feeling betrayed by someone I held in such high regard is indescribable. It’s not just the hurt of the moment, but the erosion of trust and the shattering of the image I had of you, that leaves me feeling so deeply wounded.”

26. Recalling the times we spent together, I can’t help but feel a mixture of fondness and sorrow, knowing how much things have changed.

27. “The trust I placed in you was not something I gave lightly; realizing it’s been broken is a burden heavier than I can describe.”

28. “Remembering the promises we made to each other, it’s hard to reconcile those moments with the pain I’m feeling now. I trusted you with my vulnerabilities, believing we had a connection that was genuine and strong. To find myself mistaken shakes the very foundation of what I thought we had.”

29. “The disappointment I feel is not just about the moment itself, but about the realization that the person I thought you were might not exist at all. It’s like waking up from a dream to a reality where I’m left alone, nursing wounds from a betrayal I never saw coming.”

30. “There’s a heaviness in my heart that wasn’t there before, a sadness that comes from knowing I was not valued in the way I valued you. The disparity between your words and actions has left me feeling disillusioned and alone, struggling to make sense of how we reached this point.”

Texts to Make Her Feel Guilty

31. “I’ve been feeling really down since what happened. Hard to believe someone I care about could do this.”

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32. “All those plans we made, feel like they mean nothing now. Just trying to figure out how we ended up here.”

33. “You know, it hurts a lot. Didn’t expect this from you. Feels like a bad dream I can’t wake up from.

34. I keep asking myself where I went wrong to deserve this. Thought we were on the same page.”

35. “Losing sleep over this. Can’t stop thinking about how things have changed so suddenly.

36. “Seeing you act this way has really opened my eyes. Just wish things were different between us.”

37. “I guess I was wrong about us. Hurts to admit it, but I can’t ignore what’s happened.”

38. “Trying to smile through the pain, but it’s hard when I remember how much you’ve hurt me.”

39. “Thought we promised to always talk things out. Feels like you’ve forgotten all about that.”

40. “Each day feels heavier with the weight of what you did. Miss the times when I didn’t have to feel this way.”

41. “I trusted you more than anyone. Now, I’m left wondering why I wasn’t worth the truth.”

42. “It’s like you took all our memories and just threw them away. Struggling to make sense of that.”

43. “Wish you could see the hurt in my eyes. Maybe then you’d understand the impact of your actions.”

44. “I’ve always believed in the power of forgiveness, but finding the strength to forgive when I’m drowning in this sea of hurt is challenging. Your actions have not only caused me pain but have also made me question the very essence of our relationship and the sincerity of your affections.”

45. “The silence that now exists between us is a constant reminder of the rift your actions have caused. It’s a space filled with questions and doubts, where once there was laughter and shared dreams. Understanding how we got here from there is a journey filled with sadness and regret.”

46. “It’s difficult to express the depth of my disappointment, not just in what happened, but in realizing that the person I trusted so implicitly could be the source of such profound hurt. The gap between the person I thought you were and the actions you’ve taken is vast and difficult to bridge.”

47. “I find myself questioning everything I thought was real about us, trying to understand how the same person who once brought me so much joy could now be the source of such deep sorrow.”

48. “Your actions have cast a long shadow over my memories of us, tainting moments I once cherished. The realization that those memories are now tinged with sadness is a testament to the depth of the hurt you’ve caused.”

49. “I’ve been trying to find the strength to move past the hurt, but it’s like being caught in a storm I can’t escape. Your actions have left me feeling abandoned and alone, struggling to find my way back to a sense of normalcy.”

50. “The echo of your actions resonates in the emptiness left behind, a constant reminder of the void that now exists where once there was warmth and affection. Navigating through this loss is a journey fraught with pain and uncertainty.”

51. “Thought we were stronger than this. Seeing us fall apart is harder than I imagined.”

52. “Your words used to be my comfort. Now, they’re just reminders of the pain.”

53. “I keep looking for reasons, trying to justify what happened. But nothing makes sense.”

54. “Wish you could see the hurt from my side. Maybe things would be different.”

55. “I’ve been lost in my thoughts, wondering how someone I trusted could let me down so badly.”

56. “Feels like you took my trust and broke it. Hard to see how we can go back from here.”

57. “I keep hoping to wake up from this bad dream. But the reality is, the hurt is real.”

58. “The quiet moments are the hardest, when I’m left alone with the memories and the pain.”

59. “You always said we’d face things together. Guess I was wrong to believe that.”

60. “It’s been tough, trying to smile and move on. But inside, I’m still dealing with the hurt you caused.”

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