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Ever wondered what’s going through a girl’s mind when she says, “Do whatever you want with me”? It’s a phrase that can be confusing, sparking a mix of thoughts and questions, especially if you don’t understand it. 

Is she serious? Is it a test? Understanding the meaning behind these words is important, but it’s not always straightforward.

The truth is, this phrase can mean a variety of things based on the situation, her tone, and your relationship with her. 

In this article, we’ll explore six different interpretations of this intriguing phrase. Each point will give you insights into what she might really mean.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Says Do Whatever You Want With Me?

What does it mean when a girl says do whatever you want with me?

1. She’s Giving You Control

In most situations, a girl might say “do whatever you want with me” to let you take the lead. This doesn’t have to always be related to s*x; sometimes it’s just about giving you the reins, maybe in planning a date or choosing a movie.

You’ll notice this when she’s genuinely relaxed and content with letting you make choices. There’s an air of ease about her, and she seems happy to go along with your decisions. 

This doesn’t indicate passivity, but rather a trust in your judgment and a willingness to go with the flow.

2. Flirting

Believe it or not, sometimes “do whatever you want with me” is just a flirtatious remark. It’s her playful way of sparking a more daring or intimate conversation. 

She’s not necessarily being literal, but rather teasing or trying to create a flirty vibe.

How can you tell it’s flirting? Well, her tone will be a big giveaway. It’s likely to be playful, maybe even a bit cheeky. 

Her eyes might sparkle with mischief, and there’s often a smile or a laugh following the comment. It’s more about creating a light-hearted, teasing atmosphere than making a serious statement.

3. Expression of Trust

Trust is a key element here. When a girl tells you to do whatever you want with her, it can be an expression of deep trust. She’s comfortable enough with you to let her guard down.

This trust manifests in a very relaxed demeanor. She might show more openness in her body language, like uncrossed arms or a genuine smile. 

There’s a sense of calm and comfort in her actions, indicating that she feels safe and secure with you. It’s less about the words and more about the feeling of mutual respect and understanding between you two.

4. Seeking Reassurance

At times, it  might come from a place of needing reassurance. She could be feeling insecure and looking for a sign that you care deeply about her. 

This isn’t just about physical actions; it’s more about emotional validation.

You’ll know this is the case if she seems more vulnerable than usual or is more affectionate. 

She might be seeking closeness not just physically, but emotionally, showing a need for comfort and assurance in the relationship. 

Her tone might be softer, and her approach more tentative, as if she’s waiting for you to provide a sense of security.

5. She’s Testing Your Intentions

Sometimes, when a girl says “do whatever you want with me,” she might be testing the waters to see how you’ll react. It’s a way for her to gauge your intentions and respect towards her. 

If you notice she’s observing your response closely or seems a bit hesitant, it’s likely she’s trying to understand your true feelings and boundaries.

In these moments, her body language can be very telling. She might not be as relaxed as usual, or she could be giving you questioning looks. Pay attention to these subtle cues. 

They often reveal more than her words do, showing if she’s genuinely open or if she’s seeking reassurance about how you view her.

6. A Sign of Frustration

Contrastingly, it could be a sign of frustration or resignation. Perhaps she’s tired of arguing or feeling unheard, and this phrase is her way of stepping back. 

It’s not always positive; sometimes, it’s a sign that things aren’t going great.

In this scenario, her body language and tone might be more closed off or resigned. She could be avoiding eye contact, or her voice might sound tired or exasperated. 

This indicates that she’s not really giving you freedom, but rather expressing her frustration in a situation where she feels her opinions or desires are not being adequately considered.

How to Respond When A Girl Says “Do Whatever You Want With Me” 

How to Respond When A Girl Says "Do Whatever You Want With Me" 

When a girl says, “Do whatever you want with me,” it can leave you scratching your head, wondering the best way to respond. First things first, don’t jump to conclusions. 

This phrase can mean different things in different contexts, and how you respond should depend on what you think she really means. 

It’s important to consider your relationship with her, the setting, and her overall demeanor before you decide on your next step.

If her tone and body language suggest she’s flirting or being playful, a light-hearted response might be the way to go. 

Keep it respectful and match her playful tone. But, if you sense she’s looking for reassurance or expressing trust, your response should be more thoughtful and caring. 

Show her you respect her feelings and offer the comfort or support she might be seeking. It’s all about reading the situation correctly.

In cases where you’re unsure or if her statement seems out of character, the best response is to ask for clarification. 

A simple, “What do you mean by that?” can open up a conversation and clear up any misunderstandings. 

This shows you’re attentive and care about her intentions, which is always a good thing in any relationship. Remember, clear communication is key, so when in doubt, just talk it out!


Is it always a serious statement when a girl says “Do whatever you want with me”?

No, it’s not always serious. This phrase can be flirty or playful, especially if said in a light-hearted context. The tone and setting play a big role in determining how serious she is. 

If she’s laughing or in a playful mood, she might just be teasing. Always consider the overall mood and her body language to gauge the seriousness of her statement.

How do I know if she’s testing me with this phrase?

If she’s testing you, you might notice her paying close attention to your reaction. She could be looking for reassurance about how you view the relationship or your respect for her boundaries. 

If she seems a bit hesitant or nervous, or if she’s keenly observing your response, it’s possible she’s testing you.

Can this phrase indicate trust in a relationship?

If she says this in a relaxed and comfortable manner, it might mean she feels secure and trusting in your relationship. 

Look for signs of comfort and ease in her body language, which can indicate that she’s expressing her trust and comfort level with you.

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