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Have you ever gotten a Facetime call and just didn’t feel like answering? 

Maybe you were too tired, or maybe you just wanted to relax by yourself. It happens to everyone. But sometimes, saying “I don’t feel like it” doesn’t seem like enough. 

You might need a good excuse to avoid the call without hurting anyone’s feelings.

That’s where this article comes in! 

We’ve put together a list of good, funny, and believable excuses you can use the next time you’re not up for a Facetime. 

These excuses are perfect for those moments when you need a quick out but still want to keep things light and friendly.

Remember, it’s okay not to be available all the time. Everyone needs a break now and then. 

Whether you’re looking for a laugh or just an easy way to say “not right now,” these excuses have got you covered. 

So, the next time your phone rings with a Facetime call you’re not ready to take, just pick one of these excuses and enjoy your me-time without any guilt.

Good Excuses Not To Facetime Someone

Good Excuses Not To Facetime Someone

1. Low Battery

Ever find yourself glancing at your phone, seeing that ominous red battery icon, and feeling a wave of relief? 

That’s because “Sorry, my phone’s about to die” is a golden ticket out of a Facetime call. 

Not only is it believable, but it also gives you an immediate out, no questions asked. Everyone knows the struggle of a dying phone, making this excuse universally accepted.

2. Poor Internet Connection

Blaming a spotty internet connection is another classic move. 

Mentioning that your Wi-Fi is acting up or that you’re in a spot with terrible service paints a picture of frustration and futility. 

Why attempt a call that’s doomed to freeze and drop every other second? It’s an excuse that spares both parties the headache of a glitchy conversation.

3. Swamped with Work

Saying you’re buried in work can get you out of almost anything, including a Facetime call. 

It signals that you’re not just sitting around, choosing not to talk; you’re actively engaged in something important. 

Plus, it’s an excuse that garners sympathy and understanding, as everyone knows what it’s like to be overwhelmed with responsibilities.

4. Not Feeling Well

Claiming a slight under-the-weather feeling is a gentle, yet effective way to bow out of social interactions. 

It’s vague enough not to worry anyone unduly but concrete enough to justify wanting some alone time. 

Whether it’s a headache or just general fatigue, health is a priority, and most friends will encourage you to rest up rather than chat.

5. Cooking or Meal Prepping

Being in the middle of cooking or meal prepping is a relatable and acceptable reason to skip a video call. 

Kitchens can be chaotic, and focusing on preparing a meal requires attention to detail and safety considerations. 

Most people know that multitasking in the kitchen can lead to culinary disasters or even accidents.

Explaining that you’re trying out a new recipe or prepping meals for the week shows that you’re engaged in a productive and possibly enjoyable activity. 

It can even serve as a segue into sharing recipes or planning a meal together in the future, turning a declined call into a promise of future interactions.

6. Dealing with a Home Emergency

Handling a sudden home emergency, like a plumbing issue or power outage, is a no-brainer excuse for not being able to Facetime. 

These unexpected situations demand immediate attention and can be quite stressful. 

Friends and family will likely understand that you need to focus on resolving these issues before you can relax and chat.

7. Unexpected Guests

Good Excuses Not To Facetime Someone

Sometimes, guests pop by unannounced, giving you the perfect reason to skip a Facetime call. 

“I’ve got company over” is not only a solid excuse but also one that’s hard to argue with. 

Social norms dictate that we entertain our guests, making this a respectful and understandable reason to be unavailable for a chat.

8. Taking Care of Family

Caring for family members, especially if you mention kids or elderly relatives, is an excuse that carries a lot of weight. 

“I’m busy with family obligations” signals that your responsibilities are immediate and non-negotiable. 

Most people respect family duties and understand that these moments can be unpredictable and demanding.

9. Out of Data

In a world where unlimited data plans aren’t universal, playing the “I’m running low on data” card is both relatable and plausible. 

Concerns about overage charges or simply not having enough data left for the month are concerns many share, making this excuse easily acceptable.

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10. Needing an Early Night

Saying you’re turning in early because you’re exhausted or have an early start tomorrow is perfectly reasonable. 

Everyone values their sleep, and emphasizing your need for a good night’s rest can be a polite way to decline a Facetime call. It’s an excuse that highlights self-care, something we can all stand behind.

11. Enjoying Nature and Unplugging

Saying you’re out for a hike or simply enjoying nature and want to unplug for a while is a perfectly valid excuse. 

In today’s digital age, taking a break from screens is not just recommended; it’s necessary for our well-being. 

Most people can appreciate the desire to disconnect and enjoy the simple beauty of the outdoors. It’s an excuse that resonates with the growing awareness around the importance of connecting with nature for mental and physical health.

Additionally, sharing your plans to enjoy the outdoors can be contagious. It might encourage your friend to step outside and take a break as well. 

This way, your excuse becomes a positive influence, possibly leading to shared outdoor adventures in the future.

12. Currently in Transit

Mentioning that you’re currently on the move, whether it’s driving or using public transportation, is a straightforward reason to avoid a Facetime call. Safety first, after all. 

Not only is it unsafe to video call while driving, but it’s also often impractical and illegal. 

Even if you’re a passenger, poor signal and the noise of travel can make a video call less than ideal.

13. Technical Difficulties

Claiming technical issues, like a broken camera or microphone, provides a straightforward reason for avoiding video calls. 

Technical glitches are common enough that this excuse won’t raise eyebrows, and it buys you time until you’re “able to get it fixed.”

14. Previous Commitment

Mentioning that you already have plans or another call scheduled at the same time shows that your unavailability isn’t personal. It’s about honoring commitments, a trait most people respect. 

Plus, it subtly reminds your friend that your time is valuable and sometimes spoken for.

15. Needing Some Me Time

Good Excuses Not To Facetime Someone

Admitting you need some personal time to unwind and recharge is not just an excuse; it’s a form of honesty. 

Saying, “I’m taking some quiet time for myself tonight,” is both relatable and respectable.

16. Major Project Deadline Looming

Pointing to a looming deadline for a major project or assignment offers a solid reason for not being able to Facetime. 

When you’re racing against the clock, every moment counts, and your friends are likely to understand that. 

It’s a situation many find themselves in, so empathy levels are usually high. Plus, it highlights your dedication and responsibility toward your commitments.

After mentioning your deadline, it’s a nice touch to suggest a specific future time for catching up. 

This shows that while you’re currently swamped, you’re still looking forward to spending time with them. It turns a moment of unavailability into an opportunity to plan something fun for later.

17. Engaged in a Personal Project

Letting your friend know you’re deep into a personal project or hobby is another solid excuse. 

Whether it’s painting, coding, or even gardening, immersing yourself in a passion project can be incredibly fulfilling. 

It’s an excuse that not only gets you out of a Facetime call but also highlights your creative or productive side.

Talking about your project can also spark interest and maybe even inspire your friend to pursue their own interests. 

It turns the conversation from why you can’t talk now to an exciting exchange about hobbies and passions. 

Plus, it’s an open invitation to share more about your personal life and interests the next time you chat.

Funny Excuses To Not Facetime 

Funny Excuses To Not Facetime 

18. My Cat Has Hijacked My Phone

Ever heard of a cat burglar? Well, in this case, it’s literal. My cat decided my phone is now the most intriguing toy in the house and is currently holding it hostage. 

Trying to wrestle it back might result in a scratched face or, worse, a very moody feline. 

Best to let sleeping cats lie, or in this case, play with whatever they deem theirs, which apparently includes my phone.

Besides, explaining that your cat is the new tech wizard in the house can lighten the mood. 

It’s a funny image, picturing a cat swiping through apps with the skill of a seasoned pro. 

It might even lead to sharing funny pet stories, turning a missed call into a hilarious exchange of pet shenanigans.

19. I’m Currently Stuck in the 90s

Somehow, I’ve time-traveled back to the 90s. 

My surroundings are all flannel and neon, and the only technology available is a landline and a bulky PC that takes ages to start. 

Facetime? More like face-to-face is the only option here. I’ll have to navigate my way back to the present, but until then, I’m unreachable via modern tech.

Joking about being stuck in a past decade not only offers a creative excuse but also sparks nostalgia. 

It can lead to a fun conversation about favorite 90s bands, movies, or the joy of not being constantly connected. Plus, it’s an amusing way to say you’re just not up for video chatting right now.

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20. Decided to Become a Mime for the Day

Today, I’ve taken up the art of mime. Communicating solely through gestures trapped in an invisible box, I find myself unable to answer calls. 

My commitment to the silent performance art means I’ll be off the grid, expressing myself without words or video chats. It’s a challenging endeavor, but someone’s got to keep the mime tradition alive.

The idea of becoming a mime is absurdly funny and offers a creative twist on avoiding a Facetime call. 

It not only gives your friend a good laugh but might also lead to an entertaining exchange about other quirky hobbies or skills you could “take up” for a day.

21. Joined a Secret Society That Forbids Technology on Tuesdays

I’ve recently been inducted into a highly secretive society that, among other peculiar rules, forbids the use of any technology on Tuesdays. 

It’s a time to reconnect with the ancient ways, like sending smoke signals or communicating via carrier pigeon. Unfortunately, this means Facetime is off the table, at least for today.

This excuse plays on the idea of secret societies with bizarre rules, adding an element of mystery and humor to why you can’t Facetime. 

It’s an imaginative and funny way to decline a call, and it can lead to a fun conversation speculating about what other odd rules this fictional society might have.

22. My Neighbors Chose Today to Start a Bagpipe Band

In a surprising turn of events, my neighbors have decided to form a bagpipe band. The sound is… unique. 

And by unique, I mean it’s the perfect deterrent for any form of communication, video or otherwise. 

The cats are hiding, the dogs are howling, and I’m pretty sure even the plants are wilting.

Turning the situation into a humorous anecdote about the newfound musical aspirations of your neighbors can serve as a light-hearted way to bow out of a call.

23. Undercover in a Witness Protection Program for Houseplants

I’ve recently been enlisted to go undercover in a highly secretive witness protection program. 

Not for people, mind you, but for houseplants at risk. My living room has turned into a safe house for ferns and ficuses dodging plant pests. 

As the protector of these photosynthetic friends, my identity, including my face, must remain hidden from the world, making Facetime a no-go.

24. The Dog Ate My Phone Charger

Imagine telling your friend, “Can’t Facetime right now; my dog decided my phone charger looked like a delicious snack.” 

It’s a twist on the classic homework excuse, but for the digital age. 

Everyone knows pets sometimes choose the most inconvenient items to play with or destroy, making this excuse both funny and somewhat plausible.

25. Participating in a World Record for the Longest Nap

Claiming participation in an attempt to break the world record for the longest nap is an amusing way to explain a missed Facetime call. 

The absurdity of dedicating one’s day to such a feat, coupled with the impossibility of answering calls amid record-breaking slumber, paints a comical picture. 

It suggests a commitment to relaxation taken to an extreme, yet fictional, level.

Imagine telling your friend, “Can’t Facetime right now; my dog decided my phone charger looked like a delicious snack.” It’s a twist on the classic homework excuse, but for the digital age. 

Everyone knows pets sometimes choose the most inconvenient items to play with or destroy, making this excuse both funny and somewhat plausible.

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