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Ghosting is one of the most painful experiences in dating. One day you’re messaging someone, sharing laughs and planning outings, and the next, nothing. 

They disappear, leaving you to wonder what went wrong. It’s like a digital vanishing act that can leave you feeling confused and hurt.

What makes ghosting really tough is the silence. You’re left with your texts hanging out there, unanswered. You replay everything in your head, but there are no clues, just the sudden quiet.

When ghosting happens, all our attention usually goes to the victim, for obvious reasons. But have you ever wondered how the guy feels when he ghosts you? Probably not. 

Here are some emotions a guy might experience after ghosting you. 

How Guys Feel When They Ghost You

How Guys Feel When They Ghost You

1. Some Guys Feel Guilty

Some guys feel pretty guilty after they ghost someone. Imagine you just ditched out on a dinner plan with a buddy. 

That nagging feeling? Yeah, it’s like that but maybe a bit heavier. They know they’ve left someone hanging and it’s not the best feeling.

Now, they’re not losing sleep over it, but it’s there, lurking in the background. They might even rehearse what they’d say if they bumped into you. Awkward, right? 

But life goes on and they try to brush it off, telling themselves they had their reasons.

And sometimes the guilt pops up at weird times. Like, they’re scrolling through their phone, see a picture or a message, and boom, it hits them. 

They wonder how you took the whole ghosting thing. They might even consider reaching out, but let’s be real, they probably won’t.

2. Feeling Relieved

Let’s be honest, there’s a sense of relief that comes with ghosting for some guys. 

They were probably stressed about something in the relationship, and ghosting felt like an emergency exit. Once they’re out, it’s like a weight has been lifted.

They’re back to their routine, hanging with friends, or diving into work without the stress of the relationship. It’s like they’ve cleared their plate when they were feeling too full. 

Yeah, not the most mature move, but for them, it’s a quick fix.

The relief can also come with a side of freedom. They’re suddenly able to do whatever they want, whenever they want, without thinking about how it affects anyone else. 

It’s a return to their comfort zone, no strings attached, and that can feel pretty good in the moment.

3. Some Guys Feel In Control

Ghosting can give some guys a sense of control. They were calling the shots, deciding ‘this is over’ without a back-and-forth conversation. 

No need for anyone’s approval or input; they just made a decision and acted on it.

It’s a power move, or at least it feels like one. They got to exit on their own terms, no negotiations, no compromises. 

In a world where we don’t always get to control outcomes, this can feel like a small victory, even if it’s not the noblest one.

For these guys, control is comforting. There’s no unpredictability about how you might react to a breakup talk because there’s no talk at all. 

They’ve avoided potential chaos by creating their own rules.

4. Feeling Lonely

Ghosting might seem like a weird way to end up feeling lonely, but it happens. 

A guy might drop out of the picture thinking it’s for the best, only to end up missing the connection. 

They cut ties, not realizing they’re actually snipping away a piece of their social fabric.

Then there’s the quiet that follows. They’re no longer getting texts or calls from you, and that space gets filled with silence. 

It’s like they’ve thrown a party and forgot to invite anyone, including themselves.

At some point, they’re sitting on their couch, flicking through their phone, and they notice your absence. 

They might not reach out, but in the scrolling and the solitude, they feel the weight of their decision. 

It’s not about regret; it’s about the unexpected side effect of their choice — a sort of echo in their daily life where your presence used to be.

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5. Regret

Over time, some start to regret ghosting. They’ll see something that reminds them of you, and that’s when the ‘should haves’ kick in. 

They should have handled it better, should have been upfront, should have given some closure.

The regret can turn into a bit of self-reflection, too. They start to think about how they’d feel if someone did the same to them. 

Empathy late in the game, but it shows up eventually, making them second guess their choice.

And with regret can come the wish to redo things. They might even draft a text or think about calling to apologize or explain. 

Whether they follow through is a different story, but the thought is there.

6. Feeling Conflicted

Ghosting isn’t always clean-cut. There’s this back-and-forth in their mind. One minute they’re sure they did the right thing, the next they’re not so sure. 

They’ll rationalize it one day, then doubt themselves the next. There’s this mental tug-of-war going on. Did they dodge a bullet or did they just lose someone important?

Being conflicted can be pretty draining. They’re trying to move on but they’re also stuck wondering ‘what if.’ 

They’re neither here nor there, just floating in this limbo of indecision and past choices.

7. Feeling Justified

Sometimes, guys who ghost believe they had every reason to do so. They’ll tell themselves that the situation called for it, that things weren’t working, and this was the only way out. 

They’ve got a whole list of reasons lined up in their defense.

To them, it’s not ghosting, it’s choosing peace over conflict. They see it as cutting off something that was probably going to end anyway. 

In their mind, they’re just speeding up the inevitable.

And with that justification, they carry on. No looking back, no second-guessing. They’ve made their peace with it and they’re sticking to their guns. 

They’ll go about their day with the firm belief that they did the right thing for themselves.

8. Feeling Detached

Then there are those who ghost and feel nothing. They’re detached, like they’ve flipped a switch and moved on. No drama, no residual feelings, just a clean break in their mind.

For them, ghosting is like closing a book and putting it back on the shelf. They’re done with the story and ready for the next. 

There’s no lingering attachment to the plot or the characters.

This detachment can be their default way of handling relationships. They keep emotions at arm’s length, so when they decide to ghost, there’s not much of an internal struggle. 

They just proceed with their lives, unaffected and unbothered.

9. Feeling Overwhelmed

Some dudes just get overwhelmed by everything. Maybe they liked you a lot but got freaked out by how fast it was going. 

So instead of saying “Hey, let’s slow down,” they hit the brakes and ghost. They’re not trying to be mean; they’re just swamped with their own feelings.

Then there’s the whole commitment thing. It can be like looking at a steep mountain. They’re okay with a hike but not ready for that climb. 

Ghosting becomes their way of staying in the foothills, so to speak.

Lastly, the overwhelmed feeling doesn’t just vanish. They might act all carefree, but inside there’s a storm going on. 

They know they’ve left something unresolved and it’s like an itch they can’t scratch.

10. Some Feel Indifferent

For some guys, ghosting comes from a place of indifference. They were probably never that invested in the first place. 

When they ghost, it’s not with a heavy heart; they’re just moving on because there wasn’t much of a connection.

It’s like when you walk out of a movie that’s just okay. You don’t regret leaving before the end; you just think about what to watch next. 

That’s their mindset – it’s not cold-hearted, it’s just neutral.

Even with that indifference, they’re not robots. They might catch themselves wondering how you’re doing. But this thought passes quickly, like a cloud on a windy day.

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11. The Anxiety That Sometimes Follow

How Do Guys Feel When They Ghost You

There’s also the anxiety angle. Ghosting because the thought of that confrontation is just too much. 

Their stomach gets all knotted up at the idea of hurting someone’s feelings or dealing with the fallout.

It’s not like they don’t care. They might care too much, and that’s the problem. The anxiety makes them imagine the worst-case scenario, and ghosting feels like a shield against it.

And anxiety has a way of keeping them up at night, replaying things and thinking how awkward things will be if they ever come across you again. 

12. Feeling Confused

Let’s talk about confusion. Some guys are just trying to figure their own stuff out. They might like you, but they’re puzzled about what they want in life. 

So, ghosting happens because they’re in a fog about their feelings.

It’s like they have a puzzle with missing pieces. They can’t see the whole picture, so they give up on it altogether. They walk away leaving both you and the puzzle unfinished.

This confusion can linger longer than they’d like to admit. Even when they’re out with friends or at work, there’s a little voice in the back of their head wondering about the what-ifs.

13. Feeling Inadequate

Ever feel like you’re just not up to snuff? That’s how some guys feel in relationships. They might think you’re too good for them, and instead of facing that, they ghost. 

It’s their escape hatch from dealing with feelings of inadequacy.

They see themselves in the mirror and wonder what you even saw in them. Ghosting is like a self-protective step back into where they feel they belong. 

They’re dodging a bullet they think was going to hit them anyway.

But deep down, they might wish they were different, stronger. They might wish they were the kind of guy who didn’t have to ghost. 

That’s a tough pill to swallow, and it doesn’t go down easily.

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What Does Ghosting Say About A Guy?

What Does Ghosting Say About A Guy?

1. Avoidance Tendencies

Ghosting can shout out that a guy’s got a habit of dodging tough conversations. Maybe he doesn’t know how to say “This isn’t working,” or “I’m not ready for this.” 

So instead, he just pulls the vanishing act. This escape artist routine is his go-to because face-to-face or heart-to-heart talks are just not his thing.

So what’s he doing instead of talking it out? He’s probably hoping the problem – the need to break things off – just solves itself. 

Like if he ignores it long enough, you’ll get the hint and he won’t have to deal with the fallout. 

But here’s the kicker – problems don’t vanish into thin air, and neither does the tension he’s trying to sidestep.

2. Maturity Level

Ghosting can be like a big, flashing neon sign saying a guy’s maturity isn’t quite where it needs to be. Mature folks tend to understand that actions have impacts on others. 

If he’s ghosting, he might not fully grasp this, or he sees it but thinks his comfort is more important than closure.

What happens in the aftermath? He’s moving on with his life, maybe not even thinking about the emotional loose ends he left dangling. But this sort of thing can catch up with a person. 

Someday he might realize growth means dealing with the messy bits of relationships, not just the fun and easy parts.

3. Responsibility Radar

If a guy ghosts, it could be his responsibility radar is on the fritz. He’s got this chance to take responsibility for how he feels and what he wants – or doesn’t want. 

But instead of stepping up to the plate, he decides to bail. It’s like he’s skipping class on the day of a big test, hoping somehow that makes it all go away.

So what’s the deal after the ghosting? Maybe he convinces himself it was the best move for both of you. 

Yet, deep down, there’s a little voice reminding him that taking the easy way out might not have been taking the high road after all.

4. Communication Skills

When a guy chooses to ghost, it’s like he’s waving a red flag at his communication skills. Maybe he’s not great at expressing himself, or the thought of a serious chat sends him running for the hills. 

It’s easier to hit the mute button than to actually articulate his thoughts and feelings.

What’s he doing while you’re left reading signals? Chances are, he’s not chatting about his feelings with his friends. 

He’s probably keeping it all under wraps, telling himself that silence is golden, even though, in reality, it’s more like a missed opportunity to grow and learn how to express himself.

5. Fear Factor

Ghosting can be a sign that a guy’s scared. Not necessarily of you, but of the situation. Maybe he’s afraid of confrontation or the possibility of hurting someone. 

So, instead of facing those fears, he checks out.

But here’s the rub – fear has a way of sticking around. He might be avoiding a scary conversation right now, but he’s also setting himself up for a boatload of unease down the line. 

The fears he’s trying to avoid are piling up in the back of his mind, waiting to be dealt with at some point.

How Do You Deal With Being Ghosted By A Guy?

Getting ghosted can feel pretty crummy, like you’re left hanging with a bunch of questions and no answers. 

First thing you should do is accept that you might never know why he disappeared, and that’s on him, not you. 

Give yourself permission to feel upset because it’s totally normal, but don’t let it take over. 

You’re allowed to have a bad day or two, vent to friends, or chow down on some comfort food. It’s all about letting those feelings out instead of bottling them up.

Next up, once you’ve let out the initial feelings, start focusing on yourself. Dive into hobbies or things you love doing. Hang out with people who text back and make you laugh. 

This helps remind you that you’re pretty awesome, with or without replies from that guy. And remember, ghosting says more about him than it does about you. 

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