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So, you’ve met this amazing girl. You click like two pieces of a puzzle. 

Every conversation feels effortless, every moment you spend together feels like a scene straight out of a movie. The chemistry is undeniable. 

But here’s the catch – she has a boyfriend. It’s a tough situation, no doubt about that. You might be filled with confusion, longing, and a whole range of other emotions.

You probably have a thousand questions running through your mind. “What should I do?” “Should I express my feelings?” “How do I deal with these emotions?” 

And you know what, it’s perfectly okay to feel this way. Navigating through such circumstances is no easy task, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

This article aims to provide some guidance on how to handle this tricky situation: 10 points to help you understand and manage your feelings better. 

1. Respect Her Relationship

You might have intense chemistry with her, but the fact remains that she’s currently in a relationship with someone else. Respect that. 

Understand that any actions you take shouldn’t negatively impact her current relationship. After all, you wouldn’t appreciate someone else undermining your relationship, would you?

Now, it doesn’t mean you need to withdraw yourself completely. But the fact that she’s taken should guide how you interact with her. 

Continue to be her friend. Remember, friendships also thrive on chemistry! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying each other’s company, as long as boundaries are maintained.

At the end of the day, relationships are complex, and the last thing you want to do is force someone to make a difficult decision. If she’s happy with her boyfriend, let her be happy.

Your feelings are important, but so are hers. Focus on being a positive influence in her life without overstepping any boundaries.

You’ll find that by doing this, you not only respect her, but you respect yourself and the values you stand by. 

Trust me, respect goes a long way and it’s often recognized and appreciated by others.

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2. Reflect On Your Feelings

When you have chemistry but she has a girlfriend

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Those electrifying moments when we feel an immediate connection with someone. That, my friend, is chemistry. 

But sometimes, we must pause and reflect on these feelings. Are you truly interested in her, or is it the thrill of the situation and the infatuation that excites you? 

It’s essential to discern your feelings to avoid misunderstandings or hurt in the future.

Reflection is a valuable tool in understanding ourselves. Don’t rush this process. Spend time thinking about your feelings towards her. 

Are you longing for a romantic relationship or is it just a strong bond of friendship? Remember, intense chemistry doesn’t always equate to romantic compatibility.

By understanding your feelings better, you can manage your emotions and your expectations. 

In addition, it gives you clarity on the next course of action. Perhaps you realize you’re happy with just being friends, or maybe you’ll find that your feelings run much deeper.

3. Maintain Your Distance

It’s easy to get carried away when you share a great connection with someone. But remember, she has a boyfriend. 

To respect that, you might need to create a little space. Keep the conversations light and steer clear of subjects that could potentially lead to intimate conversations or emotional dependence.

Now, maintaining distance doesn’t mean you have to disappear completely from her life. It’s all about finding a balance that respects her relationship while preserving your friendship. 

It can be as simple as not being the one to initiate conversations or hangouts all the time.

Having said that, remember that creating distance shouldn’t be a punitive measure. Don’t do it out of resentment or bitterness. Instead, let it be an act of self-care. 

When you allow yourself to get too wrapped up in someone who’s not available, it can lead to a lot of emotional turmoil. You deserve peace and happiness just as much as anyone else.

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4. Be Honest With Yourself

Should you have chemistry with someone in a relationship?

The truth hurts sometimes, but it’s necessary. You’ve got to be honest with yourself about the reality of the situation. As much as it stings, the fact remains: she has a boyfriend. 

And while your feelings are valid, it’s vital not to let them cloud your judgment or make you overlook the facts.

Ask yourself, “Is pursuing this really what’s best for me?” It’s a tough question to face, but necessary nonetheless. 

Because, while we can’t help who we’re attracted to, we can decide how we act on those feelings. And sometimes, the most self-loving thing to do is to step back.

By acknowledging reality, you also protect your own emotional health. It prevents you from getting caught up in a cycle of hope and disappointment. 

Be kind to yourself. You deserve someone who’s fully available to you.

5. Consider What Her Current Relationship Is Like

We’ve talked a lot about respecting her relationship, but it’s also important to consider the dynamics of her existing relationship. You’re close to her, so you likely have some insight into how she feels about her boyfriend.

Are they happy together? Does she seem content? These are questions to think about. By understanding the nature of their relationship, you’re better equipped to manage your feelings and expectations. If she appears happy and fulfilled in her relationship, it might be a clear sign that you need to move on.

However, remember, it’s not your job to judge or dissect their relationship. You’re not a relationship counselor. You’re a friend.

Understanding the nature of their relationship should be about respecting her happiness, not about finding cracks you might exploit. At the end of the day, her happiness should be just as important to you as your own.

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6. Seek Outside Perspectives

Guy and girl with chemistry

Talking about feelings can be difficult, especially when you’re in the middle of the storm. 

That’s where friends and loved ones come into play. Their objective perspective can be a huge help in navigating this emotional maze.

Share your feelings with people you trust. You’ll be surprised at how relieving it can be to just vent. 

Plus, they might have some wisdom to offer, some advice that you hadn’t considered. Remember, they’ve got your back. They want what’s best for you.

However, it’s essential to remember that while seeking advice, the final decision is always yours. Others can provide perspective and guidance, but only you truly know what feels right for you. Trust your judgment.

7.  Get Your Mind Somewhere Else

A great distraction from the emotional turmoil? Keeping busy. Find something you love, a hobby, a project, anything, and pour your energy into it. 

It will keep your mind occupied, and hey, you might even learn something new about yourself in the process.

You see, it’s not just about distraction. It’s about self-improvement, self-discovery. 

Investing time in yourself not only boosts your confidence but also helps you grow as a person. Who knows, you might discover a new passion or reconnect with an old one.

Not to mention, it’s a fantastic way to blow off some steam. It’s no secret that dealing with unrequited feelings can be stressful. 

Having an outlet, a productive one, can do wonders for your mental health. So, paint, write, run, build – do whatever it is that makes you happy.

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8. Meet New People

Meeting new people can be a great way to cope with your feelings. It broadens your social circle, introduces you to different perspectives, and yes, potential romantic interests.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be daunting, but it’s often in unfamiliar situations that we experience the most growth. 

Furthermore, making new friends can open doors to experiences you’ve never even thought of. It’s like opening a window to a new world of possibilities.

And who knows, you might find someone who shares the same interests and values, and who is also emotionally available. 

9. Consider If You Can Remain Friends

Now let’s talk about friendship. You two have chemistry, and that’s not limited to romantic chemistry. 

Friendship is a beautiful bond, and you need to consider whether you can maintain that friendship despite your romantic feelings.

It’s not an easy question to answer. Having feelings for a friend can complicate things. Sometimes, maintaining a friendship might be too painful or difficult. 

Other times, the friendship might be strong enough to weather the storm of unrequited love.

Remember, this isn’t about what you should do, but what feels right for you. Can you handle being ‘just friends’? 

Will it bring you more joy or pain? It’s a personal decision, and there’s no right or wrong answer. But whatever you choose, make sure it’s the best choice for your emotional wellbeing.

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10. Move on to Another Girl

Sometimes, the best course of action is to move on. Yes, you have chemistry with her, but she’s not the only girl in the world.  

There are countless people out there who might be a better match for you – people who are available and who could reciprocate your feelings. 

It’s easier said than done, I know. Moving on takes time and patience, but it’s a journey worth embarking on. 

It’s about healing, growing, and opening yourself up to new possibilities. And who knows, you might meet someone amazing in the process.

Moving on doesn’t mean you have to forget her or stop caring about her. It simply means you’re choosing not to let unreciprocated feelings hold you back. 

It’s a step towards finding your own happiness, and trust me, you deserve that happiness.

Should you have chemistry with someone in a relationship?

Chemistry, in the context of interpersonal relationships, isn’t always something you have control over.  

It’s a natural attraction or connection that can form between any two individuals, regardless of their relationship status. 

If you find yourself having chemistry with someone who is already in a relationship, remember it’s not necessarily a problem unless acted upon inappropriately. 

However, it’s crucial to respect her relationship boundaries and maintain an ethical distance to avoid complications.

Furthermore, understand that chemistry doesn’t always equate to compatibility. It’s just one aspect of what makes a relationship work. 

While you might have chemistry with her, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should pursue a romantic relationship, especially if she’s already in a committed relationship.

Does chemistry mean you should have a relationship with her?

Chemistry between two people is a fantastic thing. It’s that spark that makes conversations flow effortlessly, and time seems to fly. 

However, chemistry alone does not make a relationship. For a relationship to work, you need compatibility, shared values, mutual respect, and a willingness to work through conflicts together.

If she’s single and the feelings are mutual, chemistry could be a great starting point for a potential relationship. 

However, if she’s already in a relationship, it’s vital to respect that and not act on your chemistry. Remember, a healthy relationship requires more than just chemistry.

How do you know if a girl likes you even though she has a boyfriend?

Figuring out if a girl likes you while she’s in a relationship can be quite tricky, and it’s a sensitive topic. 

Signs can include her spending a lot of time with you, being highly interested in your life, or frequently initiating contact. However, these actions could also signify a strong friendship. 

Remember, even if a girl shows signs of liking you, she might just be friendly, or the chemistry you share could be purely platonic. If she is in a relationship, it’s important not to misinterpret her actions or overstep boundaries. 

Respect her relationship and avoid making assumptions about her feelings. If you’re uncertain, an open and respectful conversation might help clear things up.

Is it right to take a girl away from her boyfriend?

As a rule of thumb, it’s not right to try to break up someone else’s relationship for your personal interest. 

It’s important to respect other people’s relationships just as you’d want yours respected. It’s not ethical to interfere and attempt to break them apart.

It’s crucial to remember that it’s her choice to be in that relationship. If she’s unhappy or unfulfilled, it’s up to her to decide the next steps, not anyone else. 

You wouldn’t want to start a potential relationship on the ruins of another. That’s just not fair to any party involved.

On what condition should you pursue a relationship with a girl that already has a boyfriend?

The simple answer is: you shouldn’t. If a girl is in a committed relationship, it’s important to respect that boundary. 

Trying to pursue a romantic relationship with her can lead to a lot of hurt and confusion for everyone involved.

If you genuinely care for her and see potential for a future together, it’s best to wait until she’s no longer in a relationship. 

If she becomes single and you both share mutual feelings, then it might be appropriate to explore a romantic relationship. However, until then, it’s best to respect her current relationship and maintain your distance.

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